Icator & lawyers Zoom Q&A meeting 15.9.23

The members meeting to be held today is being postponed.

The meeting will now be held on the 15th of September 10pm Belgian time.

This will allow us more time, and means we will have updates to share, and allows more time for members to reply to the email which included a form to fill in at the bottom.

This email is being resent out over the next few days.

Targeted Justice & Icator interview 20.8.23

Targeted Justice’s Ana Toledo & Len Berr interview with Icator president Melanie Vritschan. Discussing updates & plans for the TJ & Icator legal actions & more.

Targeted Justice’s – Devin Freedom – Requests short video testimonies from TI’s

Devin “Freedom” – victim & Targeted Justice board member, is requesting short video testimonials from TI’s around the world. These are for use on this years TI day conference call on the 29th of August 2023. Details about the conference call are listed below.

For the video, she requires for Targeted Individuals to send a 2-3 second video of themselves saying “I’m [Name], and I’m a Targeted Individual.”

Alternatively, you can say, “I’m [Name], and I’m targeted by [V2K, RNM, organized stalking, DEW].

Please send your video titled “TI Day Video” through email.

**Deadline for submission is August 25th**

She would like to put 60-100 videos of different TIs back to back.

She will also be doing some 2-3 minutes videos with those who are moderators / board members of the various groups & associations around the world.

She is also asks if those interested can create your TI Day Awareness photo to share on social media. See an example template at the link below or create your own.

Create your TI Day Awareness photo to share on social media. Please tag Targeted Justice in your post or send your testimony to us through email.

Create your TI Day Awareness photo to share on social media. Please tag Targeted Justice in your post or send your testimony to us through email.

Below are links to templates you can use to design your own TI day photo –

Landscape Template (With Photo) –

Square Template (No Photo) –

You can purchase National TI Day stickers and Targeted Lives Matter merchandise for TI Day, now available in their store: “

Contact Devin for details – /

Targeted Justice is hosting a special event on Tuesday, August 29th from 7 pm CST to 9 pm CST to celebrate National Targeted Individual Day! We will have raffles, uplifting messages from the leaders of the community, show a TI Day video we are working on, and ask the leaders of our community some great questions you won’t want to miss. The schedule and conference call information are below, we hope to see everyone there!

/ / /

Tuesday, August 29th from 7 to 9 PM CST

Time: 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST/ 6 PM MT/ 5 PM PST

We recommend for participants to join online- participants joining through the web will be able to view the video put together for the event and have access to the chat.

1) Join online for Video and Screen Sharing:

Meeting ID: Tisupportgroup

2) One Tap Mobile Dialing: +17277313453

Code: 908311#

Purchase your raffles:


  1. Shielding Gift Basket – Soothie Relief Gel Hat, Gel Eye Mask, Water Pillow, Hot Water Bottle U-Shaped Neck Pillow, X-Large Gel/Ice Packs
  2. TJ v. Garland Podcast T-Shirt and Liberty & Justice Bumper Sticker
  3. GoGi’s “How to Deal with Targeting” E-Book and Mug
  4. Targeted Justice Bundle – T-Shirt, Mug, 3 Stickers of your choice!

Ana Toledo interview with Mike Adams

Great interview with Ana Toledo as guest on the Mike Adams “Health Ranger” show

Melanie Vritschan CHD 2nd interview

This is another more general interview with the Child Health Defense group founded by Bobby Kennedy Jnr.–neurotech-mind-control/

Icator interview with Kennedy CHD

Icator president Melanie Vritschan was recently contacted by the CHD – Child health defense group.

The CHD was founded by Bobby Kennedy Jnr to protect children’s health.

They invited Melanie to an interview about Icator’s work and goals.

They discussed Icator’s current legal action regarding the illegal targeting of innocent people & children using various technologies.

Attending the interview were various health & legal professionals.

The above interview is regarding legal work & the below is more general.

Icator membership cards

We wanted to let all Icator members know about thier membership cards.

Due to some internal issues & fundraising required for our legal fee’s – we have had to postpone them being printed & posted for a time.

Also, our members lists are growing monthly, we aim to send them all out in one sitting for ease & less cost.

We will of course keep you updated & we hope you understand.

Thank you

Karen Stewart article – “Activist Post”

Karen Stewart has had an article published on the Activist Post website.

“FBI – The tip of the ice berg” – About corruption within intel’ agencies.

Targeted UK – Annual TI day

Targeted UK are helping this years TI day. August 29th 2023, London. Contact us for details –

New TI meetings in Michigan – Detroit USA

There are to be meetings for TI’s in Detroit Michigan USA – for TI’s to share, learn & meet others.

For details see the link above & contact details below.

PACT’S interview with Len Berr & Ana Toledo

Amy Holem on the Awake Nation show

Amy Holem of “Aimee’s Audios” on the Awake Nation radio show. 21.6.23.

Targeted Justice’s Mr Len Berr Youtube channel

Dr Len Berr is a Targeted Justice board member. He is doing weekly interviews with Targeted Justice’s lawyer Ana Toledo, to give updates on their legal case. He also is doing interviews with various experts & journalists regarding targeting & Havana Syndrome.

YouTube channel link –

Robert W Malone – Mind control & public support

Dr Robert W Malone has become a name most victims have heard of.

He has been speaking out publicly about various crimes & technologies relating to targeting.

Today he tweeted out about gang stalking & his mail merger is about mind control.

We should all find him on twitter & sign up for his newsletters as he is really helping the community.

Icator members new contact details request

In our recent email mergers, some emails have bounced back. Some state the person’s email inbox is full, others no longer exist. We need to be able to contact our members with updates, news & alike, as well as important things to do with the lawsuit.

We ask if you can please contact us & give us your new details or set up a new email address to provide us with.

Thank you

Havana Syndrome demonstration June 10th 2023

The demonstration went very well !

Over 70 people attended from around the world. Guest speakers from various TI groups spoke, as well as a pre recorded speech via Icator’s lawyer – Mr Paulo Criscenzo.

We would like to thank the organisers & attendee’s for all their hard work.

The Icator members meeting on the 12th was a success also. Some members had some medical scans done & all were able to meet with the Drs Icator are now working with.

See video links to speeches & photo’s below.

Ana Toledo – T.J lawyer Spanish Conference call

Ana Toledo is holding a TI conference for Spanish speaking victims Saturday 10th of June.

La Lcda. Ana Toledo, la abogada que lleva el caso de @TargetedJustice ante el Tribunal Federal en Texas, va a sostener un conversatorio con individuos señalados para hablar sobre pasos que pueden tomar para ayudar con el esfuerzo de acabar con el atroz programa de tortura contra los “TargetedIndividuals”


A través del Twitter Space: (@targetedjustice)

Mediante llamada en conferencia gratuita:

1) Número directo (EU): (727)731-3453

2) Puedes pedir que te llamemos si lo solicitas a través de este enlace:

3) Puedes unirte a la conferencia con vídeo y audio a través de la web:


Encuentra tu número de teléfono local en esta direcciónweb:


Lawyers Promo’ Video – Havana Syndrome Demo

Icator’s lawyers Droits Libertes have created this promotional video. They are now helping with the pending Havana Syndrome demonstration to be held on June the 10th 2023 in Brussels outside the EU parliament building. This is fantastic news & they are inviting their own associations followers to attend & have prepared their own speeches for the event.

There is another promotional video created by the organisers linked below –

Targeted Justice seeking TI video testimonials

Can you share your video testimony? We will post as a long-term record.

Please keep it under 5 minutes, if possible. We will be sharing some with the courtroom, if the Judge grants us the opportunity.

Send a link to:

You can post the original on, Twitter, Youtube, or any other website.

Sample script:

Hello. My name is Kathy. I am a targeted individual. My targeting started in 2015 in Ohio. It has cost me, my family relationships, my best friends, my life’s savings, and more. In my opinion, this illegal program is part of MK-Ultra and CoIntelPro, which Senator Frank Church exposed in the 1970’s.

I have tried to get help from police, government officials, and the courts. I have been mocked, and humiliated. We need this program exposed, shutdown, and the government criminals sent to prison. There must be justice for these crimes.

Please do not name anyone but yourself, or we won’t be able to use the video.

By sharing the video, you agree to allow us to use it in the courtroom, and on our website.

Len Berr on the Frank Allen radio show

UN – Calls for inputs on Neuro-Technology & Human rights

For those who have not submitted to this yet the deadline is the 2nd of July 2023. See the link below for details.

PACTS International Newsletter May 2023

In PACTS May 2023 newsletter find details on the TI survey which is ongoing, EMF ponchos for sale, a producer & director needing TI’s for a documentary, UN calls for inputs on neuro technology & human rights & more – See the link below.

International Demonstration – Havana Syndrome 10th June 2023 Brussels

Ana Toledo on the Jefferey Prather show

PACTS – International community survey

PACTS ntl – are doing an international community survey. See details from their latest newsletter below & how to submit a survey to them, as well a link to the newsletter.

Thanks to those who are participating in our ongoing community survey.  We hope to get up to about 500 respondents before completing the project.  We are up to around 200 at this time.  So thanks again for all who have participated and to those that plan to. 

Some observations so far:  

  • Being single is by far the largest demographic in our community –  (70% – combining single, never married and divorced)
  • A hefty majority are still female – (61% female vs. 38% male)
  • Those that describe themselves as over 60 comprise the largest age category (42%)
  • In terms of education, the largest category is college graduates (33.9%), even though…
  • A majority are unemployed (57%)

The most current published results can be viewed at the link below.  

Click here to view PACTS International’s current Community Survey Results

To participate in our community survey, please click on the link below. 

PACTS, International Community Survey

Mark Williams TI personal development program

Mark Williams – Owner of Targeted Survivors UK – has also been working on a personal development program for victim to use. This will be an aid to helping you manage daily life as a victim.

The program consists of reading in order to help with things such as – Diet, mindfulness, breathing exercises, general exercise, goal setting & motivational tasks. Mark’s personal work is centred around therapy, Reiki & life coaching. We feel & hope many will benefit from the program.

The program has a small cost, please see the link below to it & if you have any questions feel free to contact Mark directly.

Amy Holem & Karen Stewart on the Jefferey Prather show

After a very kind introduction via a prominent member of the community to Mr Jefferey Prather – Amy Holem has done a superb show with him, as well as Karen Stewart & an Icator show to follow in May 2023.

Testimonials for website

Last year we asked if anyone wishes for their testimonials to be published on our website to feel free to email them over to us.

These had to be taken down for various reasons.

We can now publish them again. However, they need to be typed differently.

They must not include actual names and locations of others & your own name must remain annoymous.

They need to be spell checked and no longer than two pages long.

We realise that most would prefer theirs to be longer so you can share your experiences in full and that it can be difficult to reduce them down.

But we need them to meet the above requirements.

For those who already sent theirs in, please kindly re-do them as & when you get the time.

Icator lawsuit & Evidence update

We are being sent rather a lot of evidence reports, files & images.

When our lawyers are at the stage of conducting evidence reviews, we will send out the details & official forms to fill in to all our members.

Our lawyers would then review all files as part of the discovery period & decided what can & cannot be used.

In the meantime, please send any evidence files for safe keeping to Alison Smith at the email address below & she will store them for you if you wish. If not please await further instructions.

Targeting Demonstration EU 2023

Harold Brems – owner of the German TI group – Schutzschild – and Icator German representative, has organised a large demonstration with the help of many other groups from around the world.

This demonstration is supported by:

– Schutzschild e. V. (Germany)

– Citizen’s Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radio frequency Radiation (Czech Republic)

– ICATOR (Belgium)

– STOPEG (Netherlands)

– Föreningen för hjärnans integritet i Sverige (Sweden)


– London End Stalking LES (Great Britain)

– Stop (Z)organized Electronic Tortures (STOPZET) Poland

It is a very large demonstration, many are travelling from various countries to attend. We need as many people to help with this, the more there the better.

It is to be held on Saturday June 10th 2023 directly outside the EU Parliament building in Brussels. This location is clearly very important & the police gave the go ahead for it to take place.

As this location is close to Icator’s headquarters there are other events being planned alongside it. more details to be announced closer to the time.

There is a Go-fund me link where people can make donations to aid with this event.

Please see the link below for details & contact Harold directly with any questions.

Icator & Engineer scans

During the first week of April scans took place via an Engineer.

At a conference held last year in 2022 Melanie Vritschan was approached by a Belgian Drs association representative. They are now working with Icator with view to have regular tests & scans for members & victims.

The Drs association introduced her to an engineer who designed the security system at Brussels international airport, they are aware of the illegal targeting program.

The engineer has a “Quantum Diagnostic Machine” – “Magnetic resonance / Diagnostic”

The engineer – who’s name we cannot publish, scanned numerous Icator members.

One person was diagnosed as having had multiple mini heart attacks & more which is very much in line with her experiences. She has many issues with her brain which were diagnosed and were in line with her existing brain scan reports & more.

The machine works by a finger claspe monitoring the heart beat on one hand and holding a magnetic in the other. You then sit while it takes readings of a period of time over 300 heart beats. It then has collected data regarding all body parts, organs & systems.

We aim to work further with this engineer. It is early days, but this is very promising & helpful for us all.

Icator, Targeted Justice’s Ana Toledo & Droits Libertes zoom Q&A – 24.3.23

On the 24th of March 2023 another zoom Q&A meeting was held.

Icator president Melanie Vritschan, Ana Toledo – Lawyer for Targeted Justice & Paulo Criscenzo – Lawyer to Icator – were guest speakers.

The two lawsuits that T.Justice & Icator are underway with were discussed.

Members were able to ask some questions towards the end.

Icator & lawyers Droits Libertes Zoom meeting

There is to be another Zoom meeting for Icator members & victims to join with Icator board members & Icator’s head lawyer Paulo Criscenzo – Droits Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms”.

It will be held on Friday the 24th of March 2023 9pm Belgium CET.

There will be limited spaces & limited time. To try and ensure your questions are answered please feel free to email Icator with them & we will do our best.

This meeting will be to discuss how progress is going & the next steps with the lawsuit. Richard Lighthouse & Ana Toledo from Targeted Justice will both be present.

You will need to pay for this event via the lawyers website directly. It costs 20 Euros.

For those who cannot attend it will be recorded & posted online afterwards.

The zoom link is now being provided for free. See below. It may states “Invalid” upon clicking on it until closer to the time the meeting starts.


nouveau lien :

Len Berr on Russia today with John Kiriakou

Len Berr has done an incredible interview via Russia Today with journalist John Kiriakou.

This is such good news for our community.

See link to Russia today below. It may not work for some unless you use Tor browser or a VPN.

There is a recorded version at the link below as well.

Action against 5G & Mr Michael Mansfield legal case UK

You may all be aware that the group “Action against 5G” are underway with a legal case regarding the hidden dangers of 5G.

Having spoken with Mr Barrie Trower about this we know that he is one of their advisors as well as several other experts.

The case is centered around the government not telling the full truth regarding the serious health affects caused by 5G.

Mr Michael Mansfield is a world renowned UK based lawyer & is more well known for the “Birmingham 6” case in the UK in which he successfully proved innocent members of the IRA & government involvement taking place behind the scenes.

Having a lawyer of his stature take on a case such as this is excellent news for our own community.

We know that Barrie has won cases surrounding this area in the past, one specifically in Oregon, USA – relating to the dangers of 5G in schools & another relating to the dangers for pregnant women.

Barrie has spoken about this case with Icator in brief – fingers crossed !!! – And a thank you to Barrie for his dedication to this important cause.

Icator & Targeted Justice conference video

On the 18th of February 2023 Icator & Targeted Justice held a conference via Icator’s lawyers association – Droits Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms”.

The event went very well. Legal proceeding & targeting in general were discussed.

Ana Toledo, Melanie Vritschan & Paulo Criscenzo each spoke. The event was attended by other victims & followers of Droits LIbertes who were asking many questions regarding their work & the situation.

Targeted Justice collaborating in this way is excellent news for victims worldwide !!!

Thank you to Harold Brems for recording the event.

Icator lawyers association & Targeted Justice conference

Melanie Vritschan – Icator president has recently met with Ana Toledo – Lawyer to Targeted Justice. The meeting went very well & we are to hold a conference together via Icator’s lawyers association  – Droits Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms”.

The conference will be held on the 18th of February at 2pm Belgium time.

It is now going to be live streamed. So anyone can watch it & it will be recorded & posted online afterwards for those who cannot join live.

In order to attend you will need to register with Icator’s lawyers association  – Driots Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms’ ‘ – and pay 20 Euros to reserve a space. You would then be sent a zoom link. If you have already registered with them you simply need to login & make the payment.

Use the link below. Their website should translate into English. All of Droits Libertes conferences are to pay for & the funds go directly to them & not to Icator.

It is a legal conference between Icator & Targeted Justice via Icator’s lawyers association. Melanie Vritschan – Icator president, Ana Toledo – Targeted Justice lawyer, Paulo Criscenzo – Icator’s lawyer & other Icator board members will speak, discuss our legal proceedings as well share experiences & share important new updates.

Here is a short interview with Icator president Melanie Vritschan, Ana Toledo – lawyer to Targeted Justice & Paulo Criscenzo – Icator’s lawyer.

Amy Holem on “The Dark outpost” show

Amy Holem is guest speaker on the Dark outpost show.

With hosts – David Zublick & Penny Shepard. And other guest speakers

Wednesday Feb 15th – 8am – 1pm CST / 9am – 2pm Est USA time

Amy’s slot is 12 – 1pm

Dr Robert Duncan & Icator board member Mr Craig LaForest interview

On the 28th of January 2023, Mr Craig Laforest – Icator’s Australian representative – met with Dr Robert Duncan – ex CIA.

This interview is incredible & very important, discussing & exposing governmental experiments on innocent civilians & more.

See the You tube link below –

Labs – Toxicology tests via online order

Many have been asking about toxicology tests, where to get them & how.

Please see below three website links to laboratories. They are international so can be purchased & sent to almost every major country.

As they are Labs based in the USA, if you are not currently living in the USA you will not be able to order any tests which require a blood sample. You can order any which require samples of – Stool, Urine & hair.

If you order a test which requires a urine sample you will need to freeze the sample overnight then arrange the FEDEX collection for the next day, this is important as if anything goes wrong the sample can be void.

They are kits sent to your own home or address of choice. They are sent via FEDEX & you need to post them back via FEDEX. They are easy to use, come with detailed instructions & results turn around is 2-4 weeks.

There is a list of tests on the Icator evidence page which were recommended by a toxicologist. However, there are many tests on these websites so research is advisable. If you have or know of any health issues you have there may be a test to help with this & be classed as possible evidence.

Some of these tests are listed on each of these websites at different prices. Some of these tests may not be international from each website. EG – on one website some tests are listed as not international, and on the others they are – so please cross reference & find the cheapest version & ensure they can be posted to you. If you make a mistake & buy one which cannot be shipped to you you will be refunded.

Please remember that not all victims experience the exact same symptoms & attacks, types of equipment being used, can differ. Not everyone will obtain evidence from doing these tests. But you would then at least get peace of mind & know to move on to other areas.

Icator lawyers Droits Libertes – Rights & freedoms Chem-trails conference

Icator lawyers – Droits Libertes – Rights & freedoms are a Belgian based association who only take on public interest cases. Since beginning working with Icator they have been taking targeting very seriously.

They have been holding various conferences covering wider & direct aspects on the topic in aid of raising awareness.

Luc Vervliet, an ex Icator board member is to speak at a conference on the 12th of February 2023 at 2pm Belgium time. It will be in French & places to attend can be reserved via the link below. It costs 15 Euros to attend if you wish to do so.

Havana Syndrome podcasts & documentaries

As of recent, there seem to be more & more podcasts, documentaries & short pieces about Havana Syndrome popping up.

Below are some links to recent documentaries & podcasts. Some you may need to register & or pay to sign up to listen to, Some may be found for free on other websites.

Sworn translations of documents

Many members have contacted Icator with regards to having their testimonials & evidence reports legally translated ready for the lawsuit.

This is a requirement & needs to be done legally, via reputable linguists & or translators, into French & well within time beforehand.

We ask that you wait before going ahead and making any payments for theses services. As we are talking with our lawyers to try & find the best & cheapest way forward for this.

We thank you for your understanding


Targeted Justice files $1.3 Billion lawsuit against the DOJ, FBI, & DHS.

This is the first of several lawsuits. Led by Board Member, Ana Toledo, J.D.

The lawsuit has been filed in the Southern District of Texas.

Case 6:23-CV-00003 (there are also 6 exhibits)

There are a lot of Targeted Individuals all over the world that have waited for this…

Pacts Newsletter – Jan 23


Congressional Republicans in the House of Representatives are forming a subcommittee to investigate the abuses of the intelligence agencies or what they describe as the “weaponization of the federal government.”  They are also billing it as the “new Church Committee.”  

It remains to be seen how political it will be. Whatever they call it, it could potentially greatly impact our targeting situation since something like this is exactly what we have been asking them to do for us for many years.

T.I Thesis paper – Joy Womac

President Biden executive order on signals intelligence

President Biden’s executive order #14086 which makes illegal the use of signals intelligence which violate US citizens’ privacy & rights.  It also establishes a mechanism whereby citizens can file a complaint if we feel the Intel agenciehave violated our privacy.

Dr Eric Karlstrom – Informational website

Dr Eric Karlstrom is a long standing victim & helper within the community. He is a retired Geography professor & his website has a mountain of very useful & interesting information which he has maintained since 2014.

He has recently uploaded an audio book in order to help victims.

Please see the link below –

Public survey “Ondes” on the “draft regional plan on the electromagnetic environment in Brussels

Icator were recently invited to submit a paper to the Brussels environmental department. This was regarding the official Belgian standards for electromagnetic exposure investigation.

Our submission & the web links are listed below.

Icator legal conference December 3rd 2022

Please visit our events & conference page for videos from the Icator conference held December 3rd 2022 –

Icator president Melanie Vritschan updates video

Melanie Vritschan with updates regarding herself, the lawsuit & a very important upcoming conference to be held December 3rd.

UN asking for questionairre on Special rapporture on torture

The UN are still investigating torture. Since Mr Nils Melzer left the UN to go to the Red Cross Dr Alice Richards took over.

They have created a new questionnaire which can be submitted & the deadline is November 25th 2022.

Please see the document listed below to download, the email address to send your information to is listed at the bottom of this document.

UK visit Barrie Trower meeting

Melanie Vritschan & Amy Holem met with Mr Barrie Trower recently. This meeting was to allow Barrie to speak with our head lawyer, discuss Belgian law & Amy Holem’s work.

The meeting went extremely well ! Barrie & Amy will now be speaking on a regular basis. Mr Trower was able to verify her work, as our lawyer did in the also recent Belgian visit.

Mr Trower has written some papers specifically for Amy & Icator & provided us with various documents which will be used in our legal proceedings.

Amy & Barrie discussed targeting in general, health issues, scientific aspects & her own work – Thermal Imaging, audio analysis & FCC searches. Barrie provided Amy with mathematical equations which will help with proving particular attacks such as attacks via a person’s phone.

Barrie will try & be present in person for our conference to be held on the 3rd of December. If he cannot we will do a separate interview with him. The conference on the 3rd of December is being held via our lawyers association in order to further validate Amy Holem’s work with other engineers, scientists & alike. Our lawyers are inviting their own contacts for this purpose & Icator will do the same.

Once we have the link for the conference on December 3rd we will post it online. You can download one of the short papers written by Barrie Trower at the link below

The EU & UK trips have been incredibly important as we now know we can actually use the evidence we have collated thus far. We would like to thank all those who helped us with donations.

Links to a video of Amy Holem in Belgium & our meeting with Barrie Trower are below –

Icator on the Frank Allen Targeted Massachusetts

Melanie Vritschan, Amy Holem & our head lawyer met on the 26th of October for the day.

This meeting was to allow Amy the oppertunity to present & discuss her work & how it is done to ensure it can be used in the Belgium court system.

Our head lawyer fully understood her work & how it is performed. He agreed that her work is vital, credible & was himself shocked to learn of the technology & various many crimes involved.

He stated that he see’s this legal case as internationl & public interest & Amy’s work is astonishing & may be the type of evidence that could help in us succeeding with our legal battles wether based in Belgium or at a higher & international level via the ICC.

Based upon this meeting, our lawyer now has suggested that we organise a conference where Amy will present her work with other professionals & scientsists there who our lawyer will invite from his own colleages, connections & associations followers.

This is to make her work publicly recognised which is excellent news.

We are now preparing for the UK part of these visits where will will meet with Mr barrie Trower who is also going to help with these matters & speak with Amy, Melanie & our lawyer. Barrie will be filmed for the purpose of this conference & other experts we are in talks with will be present.

We hope to hold this conference on the 3rd of December.

This is all excellent news for Icator, our members & victims worldwide.

Melanie was on the Frank Allen Targeted Massachusetts radio show on the 28th October discussing this exciting & important news. See the link below to listen to the show.

Icator updates –

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios arrived in Brussels yesterday.

She & Icator president Melanine Vritschan are to hold mulpile thermal imaging scans over a two day period & an in person luncheon meeting for members & victims to meet our head lawyer & ask questions.

During the rest of the Brussels visit Amy & Melanie will be meeting with our lawyer to discuss her work & how to move forward with our legal proceddings.

Amy, Melanie & our lawyer then will travel to the UK to meet with Alison Smith – UK Icator rep & travel to Mr Barrie Trower’s home. We will be filming parts of our time with Mr Trower & talking with him as our technical & legal advisor.

Further thermal imaging scans will also take place in the UK.

We would like to thank all of our members & supporters for their donations, patience & understanding. With your help we have been able to fund these important trips & meetings.

Open letter to governemnts & parliaments of the world – Create legislation to protect people’s brains and bodies against attacks by neurotechnologies

Mojmir Babacek – Founder of – Citizen’s Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation Czech Republic – And Mr Peter Mooring of the Stopeg foundation –

And founders of various other human rights groups around the world, such as – Targeted Justice, Covert Energy Torture, Pacts & more…..

have been working on this open letter to governements & parliaments. It has been perfected over time & sent all over the world.

You can read it at the link below –


Investigations into factors regarding the use of neurotechnology & human rights !!!

The Hidden Danger: Digitalisation and Mind Control. “The Prerequisites For Total Dictatorship”

Article By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel on the future for mankind in a digitalized world.

University Thesis survey for Targeted Individuals

Joy Womac, USA based T.I has been working on her university thesis for some time now. The current stage she is at is an online survey which T.I’s from around the world are welcome to fill in.

Please visit this link below. There are 4 weeks untill the deadline.



News regarding Mr Davis Ruble’s sheilding devices, Mr John Kingston conducting scans for chips in New York & more.

CNN Havana Syndrome special report – “The Immaculate concussion”

CNN did a special report on Havana Syndrome September 22nd 2022.

Their long standing Chief Medical Correspondent  Dr Sanjay Gupta investigated the matter.

He spoke with some of the officials & diplomats afflicted. Mental health issues were discarded but there was no mention of civilians being afflicted.

Lawyers Association contact

We ask that until the time is right, victims & members do not contact our lawyers association.

We ask this as they have other commitments & we cannot bombard them with emails asking questions, sending evidence & alike.

They consider Icator as the representative of all members taking part & as spokespersons to all other victims & deal with us directly.

When the time is right official documents will be sent out for participants to fill in & you will be able to ask questions. We will be holding further zoom meetings with our head lawyer present as we keep moving forwards.

We thank you for your understanding, patience & support

Publish victim testimonials

We are offering to publish testimonials / witness statements on our website. An email has been sent out to all members & other people on our mailing lists.

This would be a very good addition to our website in showing the amount of us experiencing these crimes & symptoms.

We offer this to anyone, those who are comfortable with the idea, and it is fine to edit out of your testimonial any areas you feel you would not like to be included before sending them to us.

Amy Holem Thermal Imaging scans meeting audio

Amy & Alison Smith held a conference call for those attending the thermal imaging scans this year in Belgium & the UK to attend. It was to allow opportunity for people to ask questions, discuss what will happen, how the scans are conducted & to help in organising travel arrangements.

It was recorded for those who could not attend.

Amy Holem on the Ron Edwards show

Legal meetings donations

We are excited to announce we are preparing for the first of many legal meetings with our legal representatives & technical advisors.

Amy Holem, of – – our technical advisor, is travelling to Belgium late October 2022 to meet with our lawyers to discuss her evidence being used in the lawsuit. She is also staying longer to conduct thermal imaging scans. These scans will mainly be used as evidence in the lawsuit.

The scans in Belgium will take place on the 24th & 25th October 2022. During these scans our head lawyer will be present to witness them & to meet with the scanning attendee’s & answer any questions they may have in person.

Melanie Vritschan, our lawyer & Amy will then travel to the UK to meet with Mr Barrie Trower – Ex MI5 & weapons expert – our other advisor. We are to meet Mr Trower at his own residence to have legal meetings all together.

We intend to film parts of these meetings for publication & to do an interview with Mr Barrie Trower.

Whilst in London further thermal scans will take place for UK based victims.

We will need to pay for flights to & from the USA, Belgium & UK for multiple people. Also, hotels in Belgium & the UK, rental cars & general expenses.

We need to fundraise for these costs & bookings of course increase closer to the time.

We ask kindly if each Icator member & lawsuit participant can donate 30 Euros by end September.

This would be a huge help as these meetings are important & all donations would aid in us moving forward with the legal proceedings for us all.

A 30 Euro donation or there abouts from each Icator member would certainly be a huge help.

Donations can be made via the new crowd funding link or via bank transfer & details can be found at the link below.

If any of you have any questions about these meetings, thermal image scans & alike please do feel free to contact us.

We thank you for you support & understanding.

Belgium thermal imaging scans

Dates have been decided for the thermal imaging scans in Belgium, conducted by Amy Holem of Aimees Audios.

They will be held in Brussels on the 24th & 25th of October 2022

We already several travelling to Belgium to have the scan.

The scans cost $300 + additional costs to pay for room rentals.

They will show radiation wounds not visible to the naked eye.

If anyone is interested or has question please contact us –

The scans will also be conducted in London in early November.

Icator lawsuit UK visit & legal meetings

During October & November we are planning the thermal scans with Amy Holem here in the UK. Along with these, Melanie Vritschan & our head lawyer will travel to the UK.

This is in order to start in person meetings with Mr Barrie Trower, our lawyer, Melanie & other advisors.

The trip requires some fundraising as we must cover flights, Hotels, Taxi’s & more.

There would be four / five people staying at a local hotel for at least three night, flights & travel within the UK.

Having looked into flights, hotels & alike we hope to try & raise 2000 Euros to cover all.

Donations from those who can would be highly appreciated. We need to keep moving forward & making progress swiftly. These donations will be used for renting rooms for scans in both Belgium & the UK, flight & other travel arrangements & Hotels.

It is difficult for Melanie to travel as well as our lawyer. Our lawyer has kindly agreed to travel using funds from our initial retainer fee.

We thank you for your understanding, patience & support.

Amy Holem – aimees audios Uk & Belgium Thermal imaging scans

Amy Holem will be here in the UK during October & November 2022. She will be attending various meetings & whilst here conducting Thermal Imaging scans.

Thermal scans will pick up radiation wounds not visible to the naked eye. They can show up suspicious areas on the body & general over heating. Amy takes normal photographs of the body as well & uses these with the thermal images by aligning them together. Victims would receive a full & detailed report. Cost – $300 / £255.

They will be mainly held in Yorkshire, UK. But there may be some held in London as well but at this time we are unsure. After her visit to the UK she will also travel to Belgium. For the lawsuit we need as many Belgian victims to be scanned. They would need to be Icator member with regards to the lawsuit in order to submit the evidence. If there is time Icator members from EU countries can travel to Belgium to be scanned.

What we can do is get those wanting the scan in touch & help arrange for people to travel together if they wish. We would be able to scan between 3 – 4 people a day.

Anyone who is an Icator member & would like to be scanned please contact us as this would be superb evidence for the lawsuit. If many victims have them done it helps with presenting common threads / complaints in the legal proceedings which is very important.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to be scanned & we can provide further details & answer any questions.

Many thanks

Lawsuit updates

During the summer months we have a limited time & resources, we thank you for your understanding & patience.

Icator president Melanie Vritschan has had a meeting with our lawyers last week & we have exciting news.

We were to hold a parliamentary hearing which entailed a televised hearing, petition & legislation to request regulations on weapons systems in Belgium.

Our lawyers have decided to change plans so that we now go into class action first. This is because once we have done so, we will then have officially the legal status of “victims”. This would support all other stages going forward. The televised hearing & petition will still happen afterwards.

Evidence & witness statements would be submitted, an investigating judge appointed & a trial would take place. As our lawyers decided to put the case forward as both criminal & civil this means there would be convictions & compensation if we were to succeed.

Our Lawyer has seen the effects these crimes are having on so many people around the world & so has kindly agreed to start proceedings immediately using our initial retainer fee which was collected in 2021. This means we can start straight away with these following tasks in preparation.

The case is international but based in Belgium. We need to hire a Belgian based expert to conduct work such as EMF measurements for Belgian victims which means purchasing devices. Evidence & witness statements from those in other countries around the world will of course be used.

For this we have several options. Amy Holem of Aimees Audios can conduct audio analysis, FCC searches & Thermal imaging scans. We are also going to approach the location Icator use with a Faraday cage for scanning events to ask for aid in other areas such as the measurements from Belgian victims & also toxicology. We are also seeking medical expertise on top of this.

Later this year we will hold meetings in preparation for the class action with Amy Holem, Mr Barrie Trower, our lawyers & Icator board members. We would also prepare with victims participating.

Amy Holem is to travel to the UK & will be conducting thermal imaging scans for Icator members & victims. She will then travel to Belgium and conduct scans there & meet with our lawyers to further prepare for the lawsuit. We need to ensure actual Icator members are scanned so the evidence can be legally used. We aim to do this in the UK during October & November this year. For those interested in being scanned in the UK or in Belgium the scans cost $300. Please contact myself or Amy Holem directly with enquiries.

Thermal scans will pick up wounds not visible to the naked eye, possible hotspots where chips could be located & general over heating.

We will also hold another legal conference with our lawyers, advisors & board member present. To be announced.

Once we are at the stage of filing the lawsuit after preparations are complete, the lawsuit will be filed. Our lawyers hope to have the lawsuit filed at the end of 2022 or early 2023,

Once all these preparatory tasks are complete, we would then need to make payment to file the lawsuit. We would need to pay 10,000 Euros for our experts, our lawyers & court costs, a total of around 30,000 Euros is required. This means from present & until then we must continue fundraising.

We will of course keep you all updated as we progress. If you have any questions, please contact us.

UK TI group litigation –

A message to all UK based T.I’s  – From Tim – UK victim.

Tim worked in a field which gave him expertise in legal & medical matters & has recently been successful in his own legal endeavours.

He sends a message to all UK based TI’s with regards to a possible group litigation against the Home Office concerning their decision to allow the MET Police to use microwave radiation in law enforcement – The legal ground for us to take action.

The next stage is the collection of the names of person willing to participate in the group litigation, completion of witness statements, preparation of court documents, supporting documents & supporting statutory materials.

See the letter below, this is the letter Tim sent to the Home Office & the Mayor of London. Depending on the response there will be more to be announced.

Once we have their response & if we are to go ahead with the group litigation, we will provide further details. (This would be entirely separate to any Icator legal proceedings).

Pacts Book club – Mr Robert Duncan’s new book –

Soul Catcher vol 2

WHEN: The last Wednesday August 31, 2022 at 5:00pm CST, 6:00pm EST, 3:00pm PST

Book: PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER Volume Two (Read before August 31, 2022)
Author: Robert Duncan
Available at Library, Amazon, etc., bookstores

Question for discussion: “How did this book help you with your targeting?” The author, Robert
Duncan, will be available on the conference call for Q & A.

Question for both books: How did this book help you with your targeting?

Conference Call Phone: 757-841-1673 Access Code: 5142812# – will be recorded

PACTS newsletter



The rally this past weekend in Detroit was a fantastic event with speakers, a webinar, catered meals, fun, and fellowship.  Thanks to Nancy Dunigan and Al Showers for the pictures.  And there are even video links which were shared courtesy of Lauren Burch’s Facebook page.  

The webinar below the pictures was presented courtesy of Targeted Massachusetts.

Link to Rally radio show held by Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts & featuring –

Former Judge Brenda K. Sanders and a panel of community experts, including:  

Karen Stewart, David Ruble 

Liliana DeLucca-Connor and Enrique Hernandez. 

Events hosts were:  Cherice Moore and Amy Holem

Rally video links –

Targeted Justice newsletter – Implant removed from board member

An implant was removed from the arm of a Targeted Justice Board Member. We are making this announcement, even though there is still much analysis to do. We are not able to share all of the details at this time.

This is a reminder that massager pens, such as the W-912, can help you identify implants. You can buy this device online for about $15. Set it on level 3, and slowly cover your entire body, especially around neck, ears, shoulders, & arms. If it triggers something – you will know it right away.

After identifying something, you can get an ultrasound done for low cost, to confirm that something is there. We recommend contacting older plastic surgeons in your state or country, that will remove something if you have proof – using an ultrasound or xray. Yes – you will need to make some phone calls.

Targeted Justice is committed to exposing these crimes. Please visit our web page that provides details on who is behind the implants.

The Stew Peters show with Amy Holem of Aimees Audios

Targeted Justice newsletter

Directed Energy caucus – Congressmen supporting microwave weapons

Congressman Doug Lamborn, head of the Directed Energy caucus. Big Surprise – his district includes Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado.

Please help us contact these Congressmen. They like microwave weapons and lots of money flows into their district to support microwave weapons. You can contact them via email, fax, phone, etc.

National Targeted Individuals United Rally Day 2022

Amy Holem has organised a 2 day T.I rally which will be held in Michigan.

This will aid in raising awareness.

Many are attending from all over the country.

Amy will conduct Thermal Imaging scans for victims.

There will be guest speakers, including – a person currently running for senate.

You would have your chance to speak, catering is provided.

Helpers & donations welcome.

Icator lawsuit update

During the summer months out head Lawyer is away but during his vacation is still working for Icator.

He is working on a piece of legislation requesting weapons systems to be regulated.

This is one part of put current stage, which is a Parliamentiry hearing.

This entails Legislation, a petition & after these a heating which will be televised.

We are needing to fundraise for this & each stage as we keep moving forward. We have already partially the funds for this, but require a last big push to kick start this stage fully with our lawyers in September.

We want to keep moving forward in as timely a manner as possible.

If anyone would care to donate please visit –

There is now a new crowd funding link named “Fundrazr”.

We understand victims can have financial difficulty so we ask only from those who can.

We thank you for your support & understanding.

PACTS International newsletter – New UN rep appointed


Professor Nils Melzer has posted on Twitter today news of the UN’s  appointment of a new Special Rapporteur on Torture and other cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment. Dr. Alice Edwards of Australia. She is completely endorsed by Professor Melzer who posts his congratulations and wishes her “all the strength, courage & determination needed to speak truth to power & give a voice to the voiceless in these trying times.”  Dr. Edwards is an attorney whose career extends 25 years in the areas of “criminal justice; police and law enforcement; military and security services; immigration, asylum, statelessness and human trafficking matters; discrimination law; and prison and correctional standards. “It was also noted that Dr Edwards is the first woman to occupy this position which will officially begin on August 1.  Whether she will continue Professor Melzer’s acknowledgment and support for the cause of cyber torture victims at the United Nations is unknown at this time.  Here is the link to view Professor Melzer’s post:  Professor Nils Melzer on Twitter

And here is a link to review Ms Edwards’ very impressive bio information:  Dr. Alice Edwards

Click the link above to view the rest of the PACTS newsletter

New Crowd Funding Link

We now have a new donations Crowd Funding link online. Please do not use the “GoFundMe” link. The new donations link is named – “Fundrazr”. See link below to our membership page.

Icator board member Gang Stalking book

Our French representative Jacqueline Menanteau has written two books about Targeting & Gang Stalking. They are available to purchase at the links below. There are also versions of them in French.

Icator Radio Frequency scanning event October 2022

We are starting to plan the second RF scanning event of this year. We hope to hold this second event in October 2022. It would be held in Brussels, Belgium at a location with a Faraday cage.

We aid those attending with finding suitable hotels. There would be a meal out for each person attending to meet one another & possibly a meeting in person with our head lawyer.

The recent scanning event held on the 16th June went very well & evidence of abnormalities were found.

Anyone wanting to attend please contact us.

Icator Lawsuit updates

We are currently working towards our Parliamentary hearing stage. This entails our lawyers writing legislation to request regulations on weapons systems on Belgian territory, a petition which requires 25,000 signatures & evidence collecting.

We have to present current findings, evidence & measurements along with the legislation. Two of our technical advisors will help with this. Amy Holem will be doing audio analysis & Thermal imaging scans. Another will be asking members to use various measuring devices in their homes. This will then be presented to Parliament & the petition will then be online.

Members in Belgium & France can use the measuring devices in their homes. Amy Holem will be analysing audio which can be done remotely so members from any where around the world can pay for this directly to her.

Icator need to fundraise to purchase the devices for members. If any members want to make purchase of said devices themselves can do so. A list of the devices will be announced soon & there will be further details to follow.

Thank you for your support & patience.

Barrie Trower – Ex MI5 & Weapons expert interview

Icator recently interviewed Mr Barrie Trower. He was asked some questions which were requested by our head lawyer. Barrie will be one of our technical advisors in our lawsuit.

Mr Barrie Trower worked for MI5 & the Navy. He is also a qualified Physicist & Mathematician.

He has been taking on legal cases such as these for the last 30 years. He won a number of cases regarding the dangers of 4G, 5G & WIFI to the environment & regarding the dangers of their use within schools.

Havana Syndrome Diagnosis

We have had contact from a number of civilians whom have successfully been given a Havana Syndrome diagnosis. More civilians getting this is fantastic news & a huge help towards our legal proceedings.

Dr Hoffer in the USA has now changed his criteria for this diagnosis to been much broader & now has added another part to it. This is now known as DEW – Directed Energy Weapons.

Anyone in the United States or other parts of the world with this Havana Syndrome diagnosis who would care to talk to us please feel free to do so.

Icator legal conference with Technical advisor now online

We recently held another legal conference on the 17th of June 2022. Icator board members, our head lawyer & our new technical advisor – a civil engineer, spoke. Members & victims were also able to ask questions.

Our new technical advisor is going to help Icator by suggesting some specific measuring devices members can use in their homes. They would then have the technical advisor visit them at home to take their findings & these would be presented during the Parliamentary hearing stage of our lawsuit which we are working towards.

More details to follow. TBA.

Icator listing on Microwave

Icator have been listed on the now famous website.

They are recognised worldwide & have reported on the impacts of RF / Microwaves on the health of people, animals & plants & the environment for over 40 years. Especially concentrated on Mobile phones, Power lines & Broadcast towers.

Microwave News | EMF/EMR Meters

Icator RF Scanning event 2022

The scanning event this year was a huge success. Already some participants have abnormalities discovered within the Faraday Cage. The reports will be ready in a few weeks.

Aside from the scanning event there was a meal out for participants to meet one another. And an in person meeting with one of our technical advisors & our head lawyer. During the lawyers meeting our lawyer witnessed severe burns on participants skin from radiation & DEW attacks.

The attendees were happy with how the event went ! A lovely reply to Icator board members is listed below.

I continue my fight for justice, for the guilty to answer for the crimes committed against us!!!
BIG thanks to Mélanie and Alisson for organizing this event.
We stay in touch, good luck, don't lose hope of winning our fight!!!
Dear Katrin,

Thank you for this kind and encouraging little word that I share with the members of the ICATOR Board of Directors because we are obviously happy when the participants tell us that this event has been beneficial to them. I am glad you got home savely after the ordeal with your car.

Courage for the future and we will obviously keep in touch.

For the report, I unfortunately think it will arrive in the middle of the holiday period, but I will let you know as soon as I have it.

best regards,

Melanie Vritschan
Hello Melanie,
Thank you again for organizing the scanning day.
The exchanges between us were beneficial.
We keep in touch.

Courage to Us!
PS: a big THANK YOU to Melanie and Alisson for the organization.
Many thanks to Melanie, Alison and all TIs participants for being so lovely and friendly.

Icator & Lawyers conference with guest speaker Mr Barrie Trower – 17th June 7.30pm Belgium CET

Icator & our Lawyers association Droits Libertes (Rights & Freedoms) are holding another conference with regards to our International class action lawsuit. Our head Lawyer will speak aswell as a recording of Mr Barrie Trower – Ex MI5 & Weapons expert.

In order to watch the conference you will need to register with our Lawyers association via their website. This costs 15 Euros & it is a one off payment. For those of you who watched the first conference last march 2022 you will simply need to login.

The website is easily translated into English, see links below –

Sujet : Réunion ICATOR
Heure : 17 juin 2022 07:30 PM Bruxelles

Participer à la réunion Zoom

ID de réunion : 889 6268 5642
Code secret : 326290

Brain Fingerprinting Tech for Criminals

See link below to a Targeted Massachusetts newsletter / Scroll down.

Brain Fingerprinting Tech been used to detect lies in the brains of criminals.

Used on the now famous Steven Avery of Netflix true crime series – Making a Murderer.

Icator scanning & Lawyers meeting events 2022

We are pleased to announce that all seats for the 2022 RF scanning event have been filled. We have quite a turn out this year !

People are travelling from all over the world to attend.

We organised the RF scanning for the 16th June. This will be an all day event.

There is also an in person meeting with our lawyer, weapons & technical expert Daniel Depris & Melanie Vritschan which all scanning participants are free to join.

There is also a meal at a nice resteraunt on the 9th of June so all participants can meet one another.

We thank you for your support

Amy Holem radio interview Discussing her work, new patent & the Icator lawsuit

Targeted Justice Flyer & Newsletter link

Havana syndrome Webinar – King’s College, London

This online event was headed by Neuropsychiatrist Mr Jon Stone via King’s College London May 10th 2022. Click on the link below to watch.

PACTS quarterly magazine

Greetings, everyone. 

The Spring, 2022 issue of our PACTS International quarterly magazine is now published and ready for review and/or purchase. Visit the PACTS website at the link below.

Lawyers in person meeting for members Brussels June 10th 1pm

Icator are holding our annual RF scanning event June 16th 2022.

In accompaniment to this we have arranged an in person lunch meeting for members which our head lawyer & Icator president Melanie Vritshan will be present at.

You will be able to hear how the laswsuit is been put forawrd, ask questions & meet other victims. Refreshments will be provided.

In order to attend this meeting you will need to become a member of Icator. You will need to join which is a paid membership, installments are ok of course for those in financial difficulty.

Please visit our membership page & fill in the online form providing details & in the bottom field of the onlie form state you want to attend the lunch meeting


Contact us at – melanie.vritschan.icator

Harold Brems – German Icator rep organising TI day via his group – Schutzchild – June 12th 2022

Harold Brems has setup a T.I meeting in Hamburg, Germany. June 12th 2022.

It is a networking event for victims. There will be lectures, discussions, guest speakers & other activities. A program of events will be available soon.

It is free to attend. Please contact Harold for details –

Amy Holem Targeted Individual day in Michigan to take place

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios is holding a T.I day in Michigan. Awareness Rally. It will be over a few days – August 5th – 7th 2022.

Michigan was chosen as of the DEW laws they already have in place.

Amy will be conducting Thermal imaging scans on victims which will give them evidence of been attacked.

They need helpers & donations.

The more victims taking part to help the better ! There are already around 300 attending.

See the image on the left & visit the link below for details.

Radio Frequency scanning event

Radio Frequency scanning event – June 16th 2022. To reserve a space & enquire please visit our Scanning page via the Events page.

Katie Pieterse visits Melanie Vritschan in Belgium on her EU trip

Katie has been in Europe for the last few weeks visiting Nils Melzer, Interpol, Melanie Vritschan & next hopes to visit Julian Assange. Icator will now be approaching Nils Melzer to testify in our lawsuit.

Neuro Rights Foundation – Chili – May 6th virtual event

On May 6th The Neuro Rights Foundation held a virtual event. It was recorded. The Neuro Rights Foundation are uniting with the U.N for strict human rights laws & regulations. They have been successful in Chili thus far in creating new laws with regards to the use of & ethics of neuro technologies within companies, research & alike.

Here is a link to their website & PDF from the 6th May event.


On the 10th of May 2022 we held a zoom meeting with Icator board members & our head lawyer present. It was held to allow members & victims to ask our head lawyer questions & to hear how the lawsuit & the various stages will be put forward.

It can be watched at the link below.

Lawsuit news

We had a meeting with our head Lawyer today. Our current lawsuit position is as follows –

The first phase – Before the lawsuit can be fully filed we must show all efforts outside of the court room have been exhausted. The last of these efforts is now underway.

A petition & legislation requesting the weapons systems to be regulated is been drawn up by our lawyers, this requires 25,000 signatures & will go to the Belgium parliament. We need your heping in obtaining the signatures. Anyone can sign it & we hope it will be online during May.

Along with this petition there will be a pre trial hearing which will entail us selecting a few victims to speak & explain their situation. We will be selecting mainly victims from Belgium but will have a few others from around the world to show the scope of the matter.

If this were to suceed & the parliament regulate the weapons it will be a huge success & make it far easier for victims in other countries to achieve the same.

For this we will arrange a preperation meeting so each participant, Icator & our lawyers are all on the same page. This stage will be filmed for Belgium Parliament TV & will help in generating awarenes & publicity. We are speaking with a number of journalists.

The 2nd phase would then be a Penal law procedure. For this a few victims would be chosen. This would be based upon irrefutable evidence only. An invstigating judge would be appointed & said judge would appoint an expert to examine the evidence, we can also select an expert ourselves. We would then ask the state to pay any damages.

We have the help of Mr Barrie Trower ex MI5 & Weapons expert & Daniel Depris Psychotronic weapons expert. Amy Holem digital forensics expert & more.

We have also arranged a Zoom meeting with our lawyers for all Icator members to attend during which they can ask the lawyers any questions they may have. This will be held May 10th 8-10pm Belgium CET time. The link will be sent out soon & it will be recorded.

Each of these steps require further fundraising, we need to raise 5000 Euros for the petition & Pre trial hearing. 10,000 Euros for the penal law procedure & between 5-8,000 Euros for payment to the appointed expert selected by the judge.

We ask for support in the fundraising from those who can afford, every little helps.

Thank you for your support & understanding

CNN report states the Diplomats being hit with DEW are also hearing voices –

Amy Holem Nevada State Legislation Judiciary meeting video link –

Amy Holem of recently attended the Nevada State Judiciary Committee. She & colleagues presented her legislation proposal regarding the Targeting program.

See video link below –


Melanie Vritschan Icator President Publication on the United Nations Website Regarding Privacy & Children – Click on Link below –

Our submission to Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture dated May 15, 2021. Click on link below

Video Message from Board Members

The Defender – Childrens Health Defence – Article about Havana Syndrome & calls to Investigate the dangers of 5G – Click on link below

Chileans’ brains will not be hacked or manipulated”: Chile pioneers in “neurorights” – Click on link below –

Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones – Click on link below –