Harold Brems – German Icator rep organising TI day via his group – Schutzchild – June 12th 2022

Harold Brems has setup a T.I meeting in Hamburg, Germany. June 12th 2022.

It is a networking event for victims. There will be lectures, discussions, guest speakers & other activities. A program of events will be available soon.

It is free to attend. Please contact Harold for details –

Amy Holem Targeted Individual day in Michigan to take place

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios is holding a T.I day in Michigan. Awareness Rally. It will be over a few days – August 5th – 7th 2022.

Michigan was chosen as of the DEW laws they already have in place.

They need helpers & donations.

The more victims taking part to help the better !

See the image on the left for details.

Radio Frequency scanning event

Radio Frequency scanning event – June 16th 2022. To reserve a space & enquire please visit our Scanning page via the Events page.

Katie Pieterse visits Melanie Vritschan in Belgium on her EU trip

Katie has been in Europe for the last few weeks visiting Nils Melzer, Interpol, Melanie Vritschan & next hopes to visit Julian Assange. Icator will now be approaching Nils Melzer to testify in our lawsuit.

Neuro Rights Foundation – Chili – May 6th virtual event

On May 6th The Neuro Rights Foundation held a virtual event. It was recorded. The Neuro Rights Foundation are uniting with the U.N for strict human rights laws & regulations. They have been successful in Chili thus far in creating new laws with regards to the use of & ethics of neuro technologies within companies, research & alike.

Here is a link to their website & PDF from the 6th May event.


On the 10th of May 2022 we held a zoom meeting with Icator board members & our head lawyer present. It was held to allow members & victims to ask our head lawyer questions & to hear how the lawsuit & the various stages will be put forward.

It can be watched at the link below.

Lawsuit news

We had a meeting with our head Lawyer today. Our current lawsuit position is as follows –

The first phase – Before the lawsuit can be fully filed we must show all efforts outside of the court room have been exhausted. The last of these efforts is now underway.

A petition requesting the weapons systems to be regulated is been drawn up by our lawyers, this requires 25,000 signatures & will go to the Belgium parliament. We need your heping in obtaining the signatures. Anyone can sign it & we hope it will be online during May.

Along with this petition there will be a pre trial hearing which will entail us selecting a few victims to speak & explain their situation. We will be selecting mainly victims from Belgium but will have a few others from around the world to show the scope of the matter.

If this were to suceed & the parliament regulate the weapons it will be a huge ssuccess & make it far easier for victims in other countries to achieve the same.

For this we will arrange a preperation meeting so each participant, Icator & our lawyers are all on the same page. This stage will be filmed for Belgium Parliament TV & will help in generating awarenes & publicity.

The 2nd phase would then be a Penal law procedure. For this a few victims would be chosen. This would be based upon irrefutable evidence only. An invstigating judge would be appointed & said judge would appoint an expert to examine the evidence, we can also select an expert ourselves. We would then ask the state to pay any damages.

We have also arranged a Zoom meeting with our lawyers for all Icator members to attend during which they can ask the lawyers any questions they may have. This will be held May 10th 8-10pm Belgium CET time. The link will be sent out soon & it will be recorded.

Each of these steps require further fundraising, we need to raise 5000 Euros for the petition & Pre trial hearing. 10,000 Euros for the penal law procedure & between 5-8,000 Euros for payment to the appointed expert selected by the judge.

We ask for support in the fundraising from those who can afford, every little helps.

Thank you for your support & understanding

Amy Holem & Ali Smith on the Frank Allen radio show

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios who is one of our lawsuit technical advisors & Alison Smith were guests on the Frank Allen radio show via Targeted massachusetts. Discusing updates regarding the lawsuit & petition which will go to the Belgium Parliament in order to ban the weapons systems on Belgian territory & Amy Holem’s new patent which can live stream attackers communications.

Craig Laforest & Ali Smith on the Frank Allen radio show

CNN report states the Diplomats being hit with DEW are also hearing voices –

Amy Holem Nevada State Legislation Judiciary meeting video link –

Amy Holem of recently attended the Nevada State Judiciary Committee. She & colleagues presented her legislation proposal regarding the Targeting program.

See video link below –


Radioshow with Melanie Vritschan and Alison Smith, February 11, 2022 Frank Allen

Melanie Vritschan Icator President Publication on the United Nations Website Regarding Privacy & Children – Click on Link below –

Our submission to Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture dated May 15, 2021. Click on link below

Video Message from Board Members

The Defender – Childrens Health Defence – Article about Havana Syndrome & calls to Investigate the dangers of 5G – Click on link below

Chileans’ brains will not be hacked or manipulated”: Chile pioneers in “neurorights” – Click on link below –

Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones – Click on link below –