Icator Testimony & Testimonial Submissions

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There a victims of these crimes living all over the world & in almost every single country. Below are some examples of victims testimonials.

1 – “I was a Wall Street professional in asset and financial management for a decade before it
became evident that gender discrimination and sexual harassment were undermining the
progress of women and minorities to say the least. In 1997 myself and seven other women
launched the landmark gender discrimination class action Cremins, Thomas, Kaspar et. All
vs. Merrill Lynch. It is at this time I was illegally placed on a watch-list by some entity.
Within two years my first anonymous cyber-threat would arrive from AOL IM. It said, as I
was about to sign a book deal and was actively involved in public relations: “Shut up or be
shut up”. Since this time my entire life has been slowly but very surely engulfed by watch-listed targeting and its subsequent cascade of myriad crimes worldwide. The zersetsung that inhaled my social, financial, career, romantic and health life and spat it all back out is the most evil program one could imagine. It would shame both Nazis and the East Germany Stasi.

More than $1 million in assets has been lost to stunning financial fraud by a too wide variety of
criminal network schemes managed by government, military, government and corporate
infiltrated interface points. More than $500,000USD and medical insurance and benefits are a
part of that horrific number. All physical possessions are lost, stolen, sabotaged or destroyed
since 2012. I’ve been forced since then to move 40× – across more than ten US states and five
countries. And why?After the ML lawsuit, in 2004 corporate illegalities would again force me to sue Wall Street and to help form a class of similarly situated women who experienced the same at Morgan Stanley, my former Santa Fe, NM employer. And in 2010, after a disastrous experience with the traditional medical/pharmaceutical industry from 2005 onward, I published my first book, a memoir of the awakening process, called “Pelicans, Coconuts and Butterflies: Conquering Cancer with a Life of Soul.”

In 2012, when the targeting expanded exponentially to include but isn’t limited to 24/7 cyber and real-time surveillance, stalking, gas lighting and other micro and macro aggression, non consensual experimentation, TORTURE, poisoning and attempted murder given my history of breast cancer, illegal cancellation or denial of government tax-paid for medical insurance and disability insurance. I had been diagnosed in 1998 with CFIDS/FMS, which I now know, may be related to or an early form of Havana Syndrome. In December 2019, after being hunted across America by one criminal network operative after another from Q12017 when I first reported these patently obvious crimes against humanity and war crimes to Marco Rubio and the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights on behalf of myself and 49 others, I applied for humanitarian asylum in Iceland. The horrific human experiments and torture to which I’d been subjected in Sarasota, FL, Seattle and Puget Sound, Washington, Enterprise, OR and Cottonwood, Cornville and Sedona, AZ were exceedingly damaging. After 13 years of minimal or no growth, cancers grew like clover in a field. I was being slow-killed covertly with what appears to be full spectrum dominance asymmetrical warfare – for being a woman’s rights advocate and legally requesting my human, civil and constitutional rights be respected and upheld in my place of employment and in the medical-pharmaceutical industry. That’s it. Nothing else. No crimes. No misdemeanors. No authentic mental or ethical impairment. I simply stood up to industries that have long histories of profound abuses of power, crime and illegalities.

Today, as I die slowly of who knows how many cancers here in a foreign country where
targeting is a bit better, I wonder exactly what’s happened to my body and more since the
horrors of the last 10+ years. University of Virginia Medical Center and affiliates in 2021
after actively participating in attempts to truncate my life, quality of life, and acting as a
research entity non con-sensually bio experimenting on me refused to professionally determine through standard diagnostic means exactly how many cancers rack my body and what system, organ or cell-line the cells are born of. This is grotesque medical malpractice
considering tumors are now everywhere. Its also purposeful elderly eugenics. Since 2015,
governmental and aligned NGOs have been actively pressing me toward: elderly housing;
suicide; euthanasia and other absurd considerations as of five years ago. Five years of
murderous hunt, however, has changed my life – and my death – trajectory.

I offer my sworn testimony to any and all interested parties and/or entities committed to
regulating or terminating the use of any and all police state tactics and technologies that cause
any harm to an innocent, watch-listed citizen. These lists, robust with fraud the world over,
are an inarticulate mayhem of revenge, insanity, sadism, torture, murder and worse. The
security state is willingly birthing bio/geo/social engineering into the Fourth Industrial
Revolution in lockstep with local, state, regional and national law enforcement and military intelligence operatives who really, at the end of the day legally, function outside domestic and international law. These operatives from whichever people, place or thing are a criminal
network of sordid psychopaths and sociopaths. And you are not their friend. They have no
friends only mercenary dollars made from certain death.”

2 – “Born with no biological parents in December of 1969,
I was kidnapped and groomed to be an MKULTRA Monarch Slave when I was just 3 years
old. By the time I was 13, I was enrolled in Project Artichoke as a form of cruel and unusual
punishment for being uncooperative. As an adult, I am now being targeted via Project Monarch: The New Phoenix Program in retaliation for being considered a “dissident” and a “whistleblower” of government corruption.
This involves 24/7/365 surveillance abuse and military targeting with microwave directed
energy weapons (DEW) in my HUD Section 8 Housing.
They would not be able to target me in my home without permission from my landlords and
housing authorities. A mountain of evidence has accumulated over time, but everything bad
that happens to me gets sealed and classified while local, state, and federal law
enforcement agencies are ordered to stand down.
the fact that I know who many of my perpetrators are, all investigations into my complaints
get closed due to lack of jurisdiction. Though I’ve been targeted by many different worldwide
groups, my main perpetrators work for rogue factions of the United State Government (FBI,
CIA, NSA, NASA, DOD) and US allied British Intelligence (MI5 & MI6)”

3 – “On approximately December 1st, 2019, I Christina Duncan began experiencing unusual activity outside my home and escalated in a series of events as followed:
4040 Dogwood Drive Stover, MO 65078 – Personal residence at the time.
Heard physical movement in the crawl spaces of my attic and basement at my residence.
Muffled voices, throats being cleared, smelled cigarette smoke, increased
rapping/tapping/knocking on outside of house. Emotion: Fear
Neighbor, Jim Wager, checked out home and dismissed as animal noise.
Noises continued and this time with the sound of drilling. Emotion: Fear.
1st week of December 2019, when at home same noises. Security cameras saw at least one
silhouette of a person using flashlights in the method of Morse code. Emotion: Fear and panic.
Saw a new computer monitor in adjacent mobile home. Saw laser light strobing into my home.
More flashlights using Morse code in front yard seen on my security camera. Emotion:
Paralyzed with fear.

January 2020 Perryville, Perry County
Observed multiple black and white vehicles tailing my car while driving with my 12-year-old
daughter. I reversed direction into a truck stop. The vehicles followed me. A loud muffler
vehicle circled the truck stop where I parked several times then left. A white truck stopped and
looked in my direction and left. The last car faded out of view that participated in the chase.
Emotion: Fear and panic. Another occasion, I was “boxed in” by vehicles as I traveled on the roads. One was a white Cadillac with blacked out windows. Another blacked out SUV also followed me. Emotion: Fear and panic. Capital One found my credit card number in the Dark Web after two scanning’s. Emotion: Confused. Perryville, MO. Observed and sensitized people wearing neon orange and yellow shirts, dark sunglasses as I traveled on the road. Emotion: Fear and panic.

Observed and sensitized to high frequency of black and white vehicles as I traveled on the road.
Emotion: Fear and panic. Felt a pinching, stinging, zapping, heating sensation in my legs with low, pressurized intensity as I entered the Wal-Mart 1750 South Perryville Blvd Perryville, MO parking lot. January 24, 2021, The pain lingered afterwards. Similar to a tanning bed session. Anytime I entered Wal-Mart same activity occurred. Experienced red, blue, and green lasers beaming through me ex-mother in law’s house in Jefferson City, MO. Heard a man whistling in a happy tune and additional male voices. Emotion: Confused, fear, and physically hurt.
January 29, 2020 Microtel Motel 21958 Ste Genevieve, MO, MO, 1st floor of the motel room. I
experienced red, green, blue laser beams stream all over the room and body in the room. My
father picked me up and daughter Alyson. I continued to experience heating up my body with
severe penetration and increased pressure. Extreme difficulty to think and physically move.
Emotion: Confuse, fear, and uncertainty, and physically hurt.
Wal Mart on 3051 East Jackson Blvd Jackson, MO white truck with attached cab in the parking
lot. My grocery cart full of disposable aluminum pulled away without warning and into the
white truck as if highly magnetized. Emotion: Confused and amused.
Continued activity 24/7 in public, higher frequency of black and white vehicles driving on the
same roads and parking lots to sensitize me, higher frequency of people, mostly men, wearing
neon orange and white t-shirts, now wearing sunglasses, and now with repeated action of rubbing their faces. Emotion: Fear, panic, and powerless.

Neighbors at my father’s residence 283 Sandstone Drive Jackson, MO began harassing me. If I
was outside, a white truck parked in one of the neighbor’s yard would routinely park close by to my property watching me or rev up the engine. The driver would start the engine or keep the
engine running at the end of the Hwy 349, adjacent to Bedrock Lane. Multiple vehicles drove
through my private road. Most of my neighbors were driving the vehicles. Gunshot would
sound off every time I stepped outside. An entourage of black and vehicles appeared as I
traveled the roads to follow me or head the opposite direction. Emotion: Fear, fatigue,
powerless, and distraught. Experienced red, blue, green lasers striking my head and body at my father’s residence 283 Sandstone Drive Jackson, MO.

At first the lasers caused burning and pressured sensation and heating up my skin and continued sporadically for about a month. Then lasers beamed when I turned off the lights without the burning sensation. Then I started hearing, wind chimes, bird noises, and nature sounds. I would hear the voice saying 1-2, 1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2,1-2. I get popping in my ears approximately 5 to 6 times a day. Emotion: Aggravated, a little fear. January 2019 various video and photos recordings and audio, video confirmed my experiences. Emotion: Fear of my life, increased mistrust of others, and annoyed when I get outside. Amy Holem, video/audio forensic. The video and audio will show my involuntary movements including stopped breathing. I had pain from the movements such as whiplash and fatigue because it went on from dawn to dusk. Emotion: Fear and aggravation.

I am in fear of my safety, life, and the lives of my loved ones. I am in a constant state of panic
through the deliberate willful, intentional, and repeated illegal conduct. I was in fear of reporting to authorities until recently. These actions are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Repeatable and Timed. I am subjected to some type of malicious game using third parties to execute their January 24, 2021 agenda to cause immeasurable physical and psychological harm. The ongoing invasive, illegal activity heightened my senses to the level of hyper vigilance, severe emotional distress, fear, depression, and uncertainty, and has highly disrupted my normal life. I wish to file a police report and get a case number as well as elevate my incidents to higher authorities such as the FBI October, 2022- The organized stalking and community mobbing is ongoing Amy Holem of Aimeesaudios.com validates the incidents in her digital forensic report. I also have an audio forensic report with Miss Joyeux Womac that describes incidents while we are both together.”

4 – “ICATOR Testimony as JW of Illinois, USA.
This begins with professional jealousy in the federal workplace at a U.S Air Force military
installation in 2008 that created and maintained conflict. It evolved into bullying and mobbing in this centrally located area in the building through the years and included all types of people regardless of status or rank. January 2013, the malicious endeavors elevated to gangstalking then upgraded to directed energy weapons and V2K (subliminal after a staged false flag operation by co-workers when I reported harassment against the primary agitators. They wanted to exploit opportunities for selfadvancement.
The behavior grew with technological advancements and collaborations with other agencies.
The gangstalking such as the property damage, attempted home intrusion, trespassing, Peeping Tom, following, harassing, stalking, and sensitizing to various action and behaviors continued. Efforts of blacklisting, defamation, slander, noise campaigns, additional behaviors continued in a cycle with a relay style or collective aggression depending on location and time in repetitious manner 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I experienced most of the things mentioned by others forced sleep, fake mental health
conditions, intrusive dreams and thoughts, arson (set fire to my house using a military grade weapons system) triggers by certain behaviors or actions (not as much currently). They have staged car accidents in my presence, street theater, killed animals and people, I sincerely think the used a directed energy weapons to start a dumpster fire at the same time when I arrived home to witness it, form some relationships or to spy or betray me or slander to do so. I was referenced as a serial killer (who killed my
boyfriend). They used my security cameras, laptops, and phones for video voyeurism. All this to conspire against and deprive my rights. This is said to be legal and if that is true then it applies to everyone including the ones engaging in these operations.
Networking and research led me to the Targeted Individual community and learned about Amy
Holem and the digital forensics work and thermal imaging scans. I assumed this was primarily the handiwork of my co-workers at a military base and made claims to that understanding for many years. In 2022, Ms. Holem’s report disclosed I am in the MK ultra program and they were kidnapping and trafficking children through local law enforcement and government channels. The reports mentioned the U.S. Army, NATO law enforcement, LockHeed Martin, IBM, FBI, U.S. President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama were responsible to the non consensual no-touch, contemporary torture methods that by-passes known laws, regulations, and policies. Former (actually the real president) Donald Trump was mentioned in the communications. They monitor my DNA as well. They try to direct me with certain commands and control and disrupt my brain, central nervous system, emotional and
thought processes. I am marked as dangerous and a fugitive which entitles these groups engage in cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment under secret courts. These are select groups that the rest of the organizations are unaware are operating against people and may use mind control and social engineering to prevent awareness or active efforts to shut them down. These are indicators that the White House, various governments, wealthy individuals, cults, and members of occult groups are directing these operations.
I found there were chips inside me as well as bitclots (synthetic blood clotting biosensors)
designed for those with hemophilia (I do not have that condition) to clog my arteries and veins by their direction. They have recruited and paid people in my neighborhood, workplace, and social groups to harass, defame, slander, and stalker me. Some get paid the same as the operators. They use subliminal sadistic recordings through mass communication to those in my vicinity to participate as some type of mind control and artificial intelligence manipulation. They pay people and use ham radios to communicate. I experience symptoms of Havana Syndrome without a proper diagnosis with dizziness,
sudden loud noise, pain in one or both ears, feeling of pressure or vibrations in the head, tinnitus, visual problems, vertigo, nausea, and cognitive difficulties. I have burn marks, bruises, and laser marks some visible to the naked eye and others require thermal imaging scans (Ms. Holem provided a report as well). Diminished eyesight, hearing, and mental faculties. The experience is between having a heat stroke and the 1970’s lava lamp as the heat and clogging sensations roll or swirl through you from head to toe. The best description is being a live voodoo doll and avatar all rolled into one for testing,
experimenting, and live streaming for their snuff film and human trafficking industry. There are times where they stop completely, and you get a sense of normalcy.
I reported to police some aspects based on what I knew at the time. They genuinely want to
help but do not have the resources to do it and suggest filing a lawsuit. I learned many tried filing lawsuits but were dismissed because the explanation is too fantastic to believe. I reported to politicians and attended rallies to raise awareness. I filed a complaint to the Ft. Lee, VA Post General regarding these activities that intensified after working with Ms. Holem and another targeted individual and signing up with various groups. It seems they were afraid of being exposed and shut down. Because this is part of a fair game dynamic to break one’s will. I took additional steps to integrate myself to the community regardless of the gangstalking and targeting to expose, empower, and educate myself and others. It seems to be part of an experimenting, extermination (snuff film), human trafficking endeavor.

  1. I am pursuing my master’s in forensic psychology as I hope to merge the two realities between the TI world of contemporary torture and mainstream society to raise awareness in a thesis.
  2. I signed up for the Association of Old Crows, https://www.crows.org/ and learned about
    Cognitive and Electronic Warfare with the Artificial Approach. This is similar to how targeting works on people. You can get your electronic warfare certification if you have the funds to do so.
  3. I signed up for various volunteer work with several organizations.
  4. I signed up for the Homeland Security Advisory Council (open to public)
    https://www.dhs.gov/homeland-security-advisory-council and requested to learn about the Community Awareness Briefing as they describe ways to watch out for delusional or
    schizophrenic behaviors. This alludes to Targeted Individuals and predictive policing.
  5. I recommend signing up for Infragard https://www.infragard.org/ that the Federal Bureau of Investigation uses to collaborate with the private sector. I stated Infragard and Homeland
    Security may not be involved. However, finding out that many do not know about these
    activities, they can still operate in these organizations covertly.
  6. I signed up for Toastmaster’s.org which is a club open to everyone and it is international to
    develop your speaking and leadership skills. Great opportunity to network, build relationships, and prepare a presentation on your experiences as a TI to get the word out.This may be a start a movement.
  7. Additional forensic reports are available upon request.”

5 – “Today, I am a 58 year-old disabled professional woman in the medical field as a medical
language specialist and communicator. I now have five beautiful grandchildren (with twins on
the way to make 7) and two great-granddaughters. I reside in the USA. I come from a very
loving family of military, aerospace (General Electric), musicians and artists. I was fostered in
my intelligence and have great respect for our country and the institutions that govern them.
I have worked in the medical field as a medical language specialist/communicator/tech since 1985. What I am about to relate is the outline of my horror that has been documented by
many legal professionals.
The details are traumatic, and it is not my design to traumatize others. I will leave names out,
as the awareness of who these perpetrators are have been revealed, and not by me, by
themselves. I wish to add that I have been made an “invalidated witness” and given the
diagnosis on my Police ACISS records as BIPOLAR SCHIZOPHRENIC. An impossibility given
my many accomplishments and at first, an insult I attempted to fight with the ACLU, now only
to give thanks to the Deadly Force Squad for keeping me safe. I hospitalized perhaps 7 or
more times for my “safety” in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida being the last hospitalization.
I have witnessed the tragic loss of life several times having to be “downloaded” with
technology that could brain/computer interface. In this horror, for two of those years they
would make me become “resonate” with the feelings and the psychoses of the perpetrator. I
could hear the victim’s terror, while I was made to feel the perpetrators horrific actions and
sick thoughts. This was always against children. I was electronically raped. They attempted
to overwrite my DNA, my memories and I became physically ill. I suffered a heart attack from
one of their scenes played out.
Because of my intellectual awareness of Light, Sound, Frequency, Color becoming form, I
could shut it down by not allowing their words to form as an image in my mind. INTENT and
MANIFESTATION are born of these things: Light, Sound, Color. However, I cannot escape the
fact that there are now memories buried within my mind. This is not just one or two horror
movies. These are things that would play out in my head and then be revealed in the news
and the entire community would be shock traumatized. This type of “technical rape” was
24/7 from 2017 to 2020. 24/7. It was in March 2017 I began to hear the voices.
My intellect is in awareness of biofrequency, sound frequency, and alternate healing
modalities to include THETA hypnosis, Plant Medicine, Ayurvedic theories, Native American
Spirituality, and of course my Western medicine linguistics and deep understanding of
biology, physiology and disease process. Sound with music is a medicine that I have practiced
since a child. Dance, Yoga and Meditation healing through many critical illnesses to include a
pulmonary embolism and DVT. I practice Dr. Joe Dispenza’s theories. All of these things have
kept me moving forward to see this to the end.
I also, have been a provider of internet content to include LavaZoneOne Radio, Photography
with gaiaVision photOgraphy, and, the author of two books. The Last of the Ancient Earth
Keepers has become self-fulfilled prophecy of these times. It could be my testimony. The
Faeries of Willow Tribe, something I wrote as a home-school project for my children.
Intellectual property theft is another crime experienced. I need help in obtaining all of my
work. I am a musician and have written many songs.
During this Gangstalking, False Government Contract and V2K Dew Weaponry. I had daily
break in’s, poisoned food, the loss of my beloved cat that triggered it all. I was shunned by my
circle of friends called a pedophile. I was stalked daily, threatened. I was crazy-made,
dehomed during Covid and a Lava Disaster taking out 700 homes. This could be because of
the DEW weaponry that was constantly flying over my homestead of 8 acres. I was the 19th
evacuee to register with FEMA. They stalked within the trauma of the lava flow. Devastating.
My daughter was sexually assaulted (2016) with a deadly weapon by a known perp and her
video was placed out on WELCOME TO VIDEO. An international takedown of a child
pornography, desecration adrenochrome channel. Yes, adrenochrome and the spiritual battle
of terribly psychologically damaged people, are what I am experiencing.
My son was falsely imprisoned for 3 years while an “Investigation” was carried out, only to
find out that it was a FALSE INVESTIGATION against me. All he went to court for was a lapse
in probation due to an attack by a pitbull where he had to have emergency surgery to have his
testicles sewn back on! Do they use animals in these attacks? It cost him days off of work and
he could not pay or go to his probation. (Relationship issues was his charge), there were “FBI”
agents in the courtroom his attorney did not understand. In addition, an FBI agent DAVID
HARRIS, who I saw in my vicinity, was arrested for doing the crimes against nature and
children that he was investigating! I will use his name, it is relevant.
I wish to add here right now. Since my daughter’s attack in 2016, with police record, My
Daughter has married her long-time partner of 9 years, has achieved first her Associates and
now her Bachelors degree. She has severe Havana Syndrome. Constant pain, constant
nightmares, heating up, being agitated. She has two pineal gland cysts and a mass they call:
HETEROGENEOUS MASS attached to her skull???? . There has been no resolve medically.
They place her on so many medications, now Vrylar and Wellbutrin? I seek medical
assistance for my daughter. Compensation for her suffering.
My son, who survived imprisonment having to witness a disembowelment, has come out of
prison and would never, or could ever be involved in this type of war culture. He has his own
business and a new relationship living a healthy life. His fiancé is now pregnant with twins. I
wish to add, she is also a medical professional as a cardiac surgical assistant. There is hope
for survival. However, he does not speak about what he knows. We do not engage in these
conversations. It’s not about denial at this point, but each of us have to do the work we need
in order to be together as a family. He has a head trauma that needs attention. I seek
compensation for his suffering.
My other daughter and her family have suffered, as I have taken on the shame and the
persecution and became emotionally unavailable to my family, hiding in fear that if I were
around them they would be harmed. My daughter suffers from this, as do my grand children
and great granddaughters. She is an amazing woman handling her household to include a son
with Autism. She is an excellent self-taught photographer, taking after her mother who has
business and also works as a production assistant in a Graphic Arts Studio. Two of her three
children have already graduated high school and are self-sufficient and reliant! Leo is still in
elementary school. I tell you these things, because the perpetrators of these crimes are being
worked through families who are waging war against society. I was TORN FROM MY FAMILY!
I couldn’t even offer them gifts, or teachings or even hugs! I seek compensation for their
I have suffered heavy metal poisoning of cadmium and lead. I have had a heart attack, that
luckily, because of my strength was able to live through it. I have had multiple pulmonary
embolisms and a DVT experience. I slipped down the stairs due to oil or grease on them and
suffered a broken right femoral neck and head fracture. I had to keep working through on the
farm and grin and bear it and not complain or I would loose my housing! I was financially
destroyed. A life insurance policy was hacked into. All of these things, are REAL LIFE
TRAGEDIES that separated me from my birth family! They are in fear and I may not ever hear
from them. I seek compensation for THEIR SUFFERING!
My medical records were hacked and FALSE DIAGNOSES placed on my medical records
resulting in a case against United Health Care? A personal friend and physician was so altered
by the lies being told about me to the point he attempted to give me medication and therapies
that could KILL ME. This is being legally witnessed in Hawaii. This was an ULTIMATE Betrayal
as I trusted this physician and he called me into his care. It is devastating to watch someone
you love be mind controlled and manipulated against his own Spirituality (Buddhist), and
Intellect. I seek compensation for HIM and HIS FAMILY, his two sons and their mothers. I
pray they know the truths in their hearts, that it was this physician’s INTELLECT that was the
ultimate Betrayal for me. My compassion remains so deep that I cannot bear what has
I lost several vehicles as they were being mechanically messed with and the last one a
vehicular rear-end, that GEICO did not allow me to loose my financial responsibility. Thank
YOU GEICO. It was a confrontation of truth that showed that GANGSTALKERS were involved
in underwriting my insurance. My point being is, that I am a disabled professional and these
people have NO EDUCATION, are placed out on the streets and absolutely no responsibilities
and laugh at your hard work and pay off people to harm people. How fair is that? I seek
They hacked into every email, phone number, app that I tried to make money with like DASH
or UBER, placing me in danger with SHIPT sending me to dangerous locations. I had identity
theft, intellectual property theft. I attempted to go back to work as a Medical
Transcriptionist, twice, they hacked into the NUANCE platform! I lost credentials. I cannot
afford to live on social security disability since being forced of the Island of Hawaii, made to
leave my daughter behind, who is also being terrorized. I seek that VERIZON have
compassion and stop their harassment stating they will keep me from having a home. Verizon
aided and abided these terrorists.
They hacked into a major HIPAA Platform when I attempted to gain income back in my old
career as a Medical Transcriptionist. In second attempt to obtain credentials, hoping that this
was over, I could not go back to work in this capacity. I am disabled with Ulcerative Colitis.
However, they now state I am Bipolar Schizophrenic and an Invalidated Witness While they
do their crimes in front of me and dehome me wherever I go! They claimed I was a pedophile
and harmed a child in Puna, Pahoa, Hawaii. They then went about doing those crimes to have
me “set-up”, all at witness to the kidnapping of a child, Benny Rapoza in my vicinity.
My witness spans the years between 2016 to present. During that time I was stalked and
terrorized through Covert and Overt Surveillance. 24/7. From 2016 on, I witnessed bizarre
disappearances and “accidents” and deaths to include Friends, Associates. By 2018, the Lava
destroyed an 8 acre farm that I was caregiver upon that I am finding out now, the owner, was
my initial perpetrator. This has made its way evident only since February 2022. By 2019,
there was COVID. By 2020, I relocated back to other family only to be stalked once again by
the same perpetrator. It appears, she is the one who has set me up to be a pedophile
harming a child in the community and has moved to Florida to bring me back into a “safe
spot”, to appear innocent while she avoids Capital Gains Tax. I am now being threatened to
be dehomed because of the “trauma” that she herself has hired to have me killed! She states
that the neighbors are not allowed to offer me any confidence by teaching me how to handle a
Right now, I am in fear of my life and the events being played out have been stepped up. I am
in fear of a dear friend and her daughter’s life and await the arrest of further perpetrators. Its
all out there in the news. Love Has Won attempted my identity in Hawaii. Now, they have
appeared here in Florida. They have military among their ranks. Their goal is our children.
This is a war. You can see some of their faces in the news. I will provide those details to the
professionals. Because this is the most recent terroristic situation, I will leave this here. If
anything happens to me, I am NOT SUICIDAL. I will NOT KILL MYSELF FOR THEIR
IGNORANCE. I seek FREEDOM & Justice for ALL.
What I KNOW and what I THINK are two different things.
What I KNOW and what I BELIEVE are two different things.
What I KNOW and what YOU KNOW are our Personal Truths.
You cannot lie to yourself.
I also believe, that if you can make the people disrespect or mistrust their Leaders, their
Healers, their Teachers, their Authorites of Law, their elders and their children you have
effectively won a war.
This is Human Trafficking against society. What I have witnessed, and what I have seen my
close friends and family go through are terrors that they couldn’t even know were happening
around them until it was too late. These people cannot feel, they have no soul, they are
psychologically damaged practicing CHAOS MAGIC and Satanic worshiping. They are
schizophrenic and sociopaths being aided with technology by way of nano chips and
I FEEL, I feel great sorrow, I feel so much of my original perpetrators sins that she put upon
me that the shame is overwhelming. I cry and I feel her persecution! I have to face friends
knowing that their family members and close friends have been tortured and murdered
because of these people that were after me due to lies and propaganda. I need to take
accountability and it was never my intent to harm anyone! My intent has been to help people.
I did not want to traumatize others with truths and in attempting to speak these things, called
“Invalidated”. My civil rights destroyed. My privacy annulled.
I pray for this to be over, however, they are witness to me typing this, while I see the break up
of their most inner circles. I am not in my ability to have an answer as to where these
dissociative, dangerous, very sick people should go. I leave that to the authorities who have
spent their time educating themselves and preparing themselves for situations as such. Who
could ever prepare themselves for these types of situations? ᏔᎧ are ALL TRAUMATIZED.
I do want to thank those who are in the know, who have responded with greatness and have
done amazing feats to save the children. As this horror story opens up and those of us who
have watched with the inability to do anything, may ᏔᎧ gather in the Truth and Stand Strong
in the FAITH of LOVE. There are many healing modalities that I KNOW brought me through.
I sincerely hope that this will teach ALL OF US a new VALUE system, instead of flesh and blood,
greed & fear. These truths can bring us all to a higher awareness.
I leave you with a song I wrote:
As The Earth Revolves, Around the Setting Sun.
Our Children Make their way down paths that ᏔᎧ have begun.
I have found my way down to many crooked roads, society has paved
them with glitter and with gold.
Leading Nowhere, the paths are broken,

By war and separatism fear and shattered homes.
But Our Children, Earth’s Children, All Children Deserve so Much More.
Our Elders did the Best that ᏔᎧ Could Do. Oh Thank You.
But now its up to us to share the ancient truths.
New Ways Created as ᏔᎧ Open Up Our Eyes.
New Ways Give Birth to Freedom On the Rise.

Leading somewhere, ᏔᎧ will be Growing.
Love and Understanding, Peace and Solid Homes.
Then Our Children, Earth’s Children
All Children Shall Proper.

As The Earth Revolves, Around the Setting Sun.
Our Children Make their way down paths that ᏔᎧ have begun”

6 – “My name is Jefferey Jones. I also have 2 kids. The 3 of us are illegally implanted non
consensual human experiments and with the weapon systems that are involved. Constant
fear for our lives from this violent criminals. They sexual experimented on both my kids
through Tabitha. There both are mentally disoriented. They are still attack and forced live in
fear so they act like it’s normal even today. Brainwashed and manipulated by different people
what they want us to perform and act as or we lose out. One lives in White Deer, Texas and
other one lives in Bethany, Ok. They publicly humiliated us and they would track people
down to join in. I’ve been to 3 psych wards. They are constantly interrogating us and using
different violent tactic. They are using us as some brain hacking experiment and using it
money our thoughts and memories. So we get hid a lot and people will attack us in our head,
until we can get someone responsible and not attacking us for telling what goes on. They
would manipulate us and get us confused about each other. They will hit me brain and do
the conspiracy murder I’m think like broadcasting company. I was forced to have sex with
women or I would go homeless and I went homeless. My brain was blacked and forced to do
sex acts without any choice. I’m disabled from a car accident. The three of us were illegally
implanted. They would spook my kids and they would cry to me. They would flash there eyes
when there were toddlers. I was done by a forced surrendered doctor and my kids were
done by a blood relative, illegally implanted. They say I have these STDs and public
humiliation I don’t have self esteem to find a woman because of there violence. They have
attacked me multiple times saying so I go get tested and I am negative every time. But is like
electro magnetic torture violent then the mind control. So its brutal. But it’s constant it’s like
different groups of people that used to attack me. We were gangstalked/organized stalked
throughout the community unknowingly having our privacy being violated. We have no
privacy. Memory loss. I remember them waking me up at night hearing about robberies or
attack me for sex so I would leave in middle or night. Most were flukes. We were controlled
by these people who took advantage of us. We could only speak about certain things and let
force us in positions where we got taken advantage of ourselves and people take advantage
of us and of course it was them taking advantage of our body. They force us to have
dreams/nightmares of our attackers. We have been woken up. we we’re illegally implanted
so we didn’t get implants that allowed us to defend ourselves so it’s never no telling what my
kids experience they will talk about waking up. I can’t even find them online from no one. I
have several myself and imagine they have there own force to believe that is a nightmare.
About of traumatic experience we are having to deal with from this animal people. I have have
dealing with people that also have sad stories saying this is what he did or she did. Getting
attacked because what someone else did to them. There were several people involved in
our targeting or program they run on us. They brain torture where we didn’t have correct
responses to anything and we were suppose to take it without me standing up for us. Anything
we watched they would do flashbacks and it would tell me what my kids were doing. They
eventually got it to where I had no money and couldn’t take care of any responsibilities and
since the people were involved I had to ask for someone to help me with my kids. We have
no mental/physical privacy. They use electro magnetic torture they use direct energy
weapon, frequency, microwave weapon, RNM, mind controlled, and synthetic telepathy 24/7
surveillance attack/torture gangstalking/organized stalking. My internet tracks me and of
course FCC will talk and recording videos also. My social medias are hacked also. They
have hit my electronics part on my vehicle a few times. I had to repair at a shop. I having
problems right now from the possibly hitting my vehicle a week ago. They molested and dew
raped my kids and me. They would smother my daughter and use her for there sex activities.
A few molested and used my son for there sex activities. They are both underage victims. My
brain was blacked and forced to do sex acts without any choice. They broke in my house
numerous times and vehicle. They stolen from us. They mind control us and have us
programmed different were if I speak to my kids they have different meanings. I can’t have
normal conversations with them. I listen and will let them be like an adult sometimes so I’m
not fighting my attackers saying that my kids have the right people controlling them. They
show graphic images in our eyes. It causes pain and discomfort. They only let me work at
certain jobs depending who they had backing me up. I got hired on at a trucking company
and they let me move close to my kids in Okc. They would let it cool down before getting
there program running and all the violence involved. I can’t even get a job because of the
violence. I try self employed but it didn’t take them to track everyone and setup the program
and ruin that. They make us laugh for no reason to be laughing even by myself. The other
people aren’t laughing and will look like there the maddest people. They will zap my brain to
give a false sense of reality. We’re I have reassure myself that what they do it real life. They
burn internal parts of body. I have puked up blood, we have puke from the hitting us in our
throats to gag. They will stop ever part of our brains so we don’t produce any brain thoughts
only mind control. They black our eyes out and mental force to act without thinking our
situation. They have forced up to use the restroom on ourselves. They don’t care we’re we
are. They have starved us and dehydrate us from there torture tactics. They attack our
medical conditions. To we’re we do breathing treatments. My basic hygiene needs aren’t
meet and living needs. I can’t go to any doctor they attack me the whole time. I have
permanent damage in ear, my son gets attacked in his brain he twitches his fingers
permanently. I watch everything about them when they are aloud to visit me. It effects me
and my kids and the people around me. They are constantly mind controlled and told what to
do by the perpetrators. The people do it to them in school. I have been sexual assaults and
couldn’t get a attorney. They attack our eyes showing graphic sexual images of minors and
child pornography/ perform sex acts in our head eyes and track the minors to see what age
they are and put there lives in danger and what we are going to do. They try to connect to
run sex ring on minors and who can have sex with them ran by adults. They solicite my
kids also and try to force sex on them through me. They do the god thing saying go to
church I’m guessing to run there program in there but it takes more than a spirit to deal with
this crime. Yelling to each other. Law enforcement helps out with what they can.”

7 – “My name is Kim Thomas Sterling Heights in Michigan and I became aware of being
targeted after writing Obama a few letters of dreams that I were having about him
becoming the President of United States and international letters were about
encouraging him how to lead and Govern the people and the other dreams were
about his Marriage, and kids . Also I used to go to Michigan Lansing Capitol to Pray
with my City Representative and My Senator also I had my city mayor personnel cell
number to pray with him concerning the issues in Sterling Heights Michigan.
Months later I received a letter from a Secret Society inviting me to be apart of a
secret society and the letter said that the Government can use gifts like yours and
we have been following you for 3 years the letter said that we have a confidential file
on you and immediately after I read it and showed my husband and 2 male friends
who were visiting us during the time of me getting it out the mailbox and I then threw
it away after reading it because it didn’t have a forward address. But had a faxed
number on it and ask me to sign it and said send it to the fax number and someone
will contact you soon .
I became fearful because during that time I was babysitting 4 of my grand kids taking
them to school while there mother was at work and I felt threatened by it.
I then became aware of the constant black vehicle and white vehicles following me
and Months later I was at home
Sleeping I was abruptly woken up from my sleep about 630am with a Radiation burn
on the right side of my temple and I waited to call the police because I was shaking
and crying I called Sterling Heights Michigan police in the evening and when they
walked into my home I was still on the Phone with 911 Dispatch asking if I wanted to
go to the hospital and as the police walked in my house one of the officers asked me
if I wanted to go to the hospital, and I declined because not knowing what more
would happen to me if I got into the Emergency Truck.
I invited both police officers to my upstairs showing them where I was laying down at
and my bed faces the street behind my house and One of the Sterling heights Police
officer told me that I was being hit with a Laser Ray gun that comes Through the
walls. And he suggested that I get a lava lamp because it helps blocks some of the
attacks, Immediately I got so fearful because I never heard of this type of weapons
that comes through a BRICK WALL that doesn’t put holes through the walls.
I started noticing high levels of surveillance cars in front of my house and the side of
my house because I live on The corner . I started taking pictures of everything that
looked suspicious to me because 2 weeks after the first Radiation burn on my right
I was woke up again with a Radiation burn on the left side of my temple and the
radiation burns increased til one day I sat at home and decided to write down
EVERY TIME my body was burned during when I first woke up til midnight which
was over 40 times and I documented the area of the burn and what body parts
because the Attacks were 5 minutes apart and I was afraid to leave the house for
days because they were following me and hitting my body with those weapons and I
was afraid that it would cause me to have a accident.
I made 4 police reports and NOT ONE followed up for investigation and I stopped at
the 4th time because this Officer came into my house was VERY HOSTILE towards
me and my friend who was there to pick me up to go to the park.
He asked her if she believed what I was reported to him and she said yes she does
and he asked her how long have we been friends and she told him over several
years, I became afraid and nervous in my own home and my friend said Kim let’s
leave because she also felt uncomfortable with him the way he was talking to me
and told her don’t move , I looked at him and said that ok officer I don’t want to make
a report with you and walked out my house and said he would be right back.
I and my friend immediately walked out my house got into her car and the officer
walked to her passenger door where I was at asking me if I was Schizophrenia and if
I had mental issues I said no officer. I immediately closed the car door because I
noticed he had his hand on his gun and I didn’t know what he was about to do to me.
I asked my friend to pull off because I didn’t do anything wrong and he was talking to
me as though I was a criminal.
I cried and cried and cried with disbelief of his behavior knowing how much I
volunteered my my helping out the community and praying with the Government
Leaders over that County and City . After calming myself down the next Day I called
the Michigan State Police telling them what happened at my home and how the
officer was very HOSTILE towards me and my friend and the Michigan State Police
told me to call the Chief of Police and report him and when I did my call kept going to
voice-mail and I left it alone.
However I started thinking was he prejudice towards blacks because my friend is
from India and why was it necessary for him to ask her how long she knew me as a
Since then I have multiple pictures of 3rd degree burns on my body and my husband
suggested that I go to the doctor to find out why are these radiation burns on my
body and the the doctor who examined the 3rd degree burns on behind my neck said
he doesn’t know what type of mark is that and my daughter was in the room when he
said that he suggested that I keep drinking lots of water and I asked if he give me
something for it because it was Extremely Painful and a burning sensation..
I started taking pictures every time the radiation burns was in my body and I started
searching for help by Google and found there were a group conference call that
talked about being targeted and I shared my experience and often kept in contact
with the conference call and one of the targeted person shared with me what apps to
download to help me find out who following me and I was SHOCKED to find out who
behind the surveillance of my home.
one particular app wiggle wifi also app Ramble and Network cell tower app showed
me a Google satellite view of my house of red circles and over 500 networks
including companies and some of the neighbors in my community bluetooth ip
address were being displayed from Google satellite view over my house.
I went to the police station asking if I’m being surveillance for something and I was
told by a woman police officer who said if I was being watched they wasn’t going to
tell me. I left there feeling discouraged because of not being able to get help from a
crime that has 3rd degree burns on my body .
One particular day I received a email from a group who helps targeted people and I saw Amy
Holem AimeesAudios@protonmail.com
She shared how she can help you with evidence.
I wrote her number down and called her and when we talked she gave me specific
instructions and I filled out a form for her permission and I Am very pleased to find
out the mystery behind this evil crime against humanity and sadness because since
then the attacks are escalating and they have been attacking my 3 month old
granddaughter and she also has radiation burns on her body and I have pictures of
her burns on her neck, head and forehead.
August 2022 Amy invited me to come to a Targeted Individuals Rally in Detroit and
while there the perpetrators must followed me because I kept being burned on my
thighs and stomach area.
Days Later Amy called me to tell me that her Accoustic System was in and she has
my number inside her system and she has evidence of
5 people who addresses are in Sterling Heights Michigan followed me which I live in
Sterling Heights to Detroit to the Rally and were hitting me with those microwave
direct energy weapons.
They had evil intentions to do me bodily harm as they were Stalking and followed
me to my destination which is 40 minutes away from my home.
I have home invasions and they have come and moved items around in my house
and broke items and I had money missing from my purse I have evidence of fraud
done against my bank account 3 times. I have evidence of the documents of them
hacked into my cell phone and my computer.
My home appliances OFTEN breaks down such as my washer, dryer and
microwave oven we paid so much money for new appliances and the last microwave
oven caught on fire inside and I was upstairs and smelt smoke and immediately ran
downstairs and was SHOCKED to see the potato inside the microwave was covered
by a huge flame of fire I grabbed water opened the microwave threw the water on it .
After the smoke cleared I couldn’t believe that amount of fire inside had my house
filled with smoke and all the fire alarms in the house were sounding off.
Immediately I went to my documents to refer back to the document found on my cell
phone when it was hacked and I have the document stating that a Bluetooth device
was connected to my microwave and I would notice often that half of the radiation
burns happened in front of the microwave as I’m in my kitchen cooking.
On my Forencic evidence Report the perpetrators are laughing as they were hitting
me and burning my body with those weapons THEY would call out what body parts
they were hitting and I have soooo many pictures of every body parts they were
laughing while burning my body with those microwave direct energy weapons.
One particular day I made appointment to see my spine doctor because of having 3
spine surgeries and having 10 screws and a metal plate from being rear ended in
auto accident.
I was there because of being in pain from tripping on a rug and I’m told to have a
xray to make sure the screws have not shifted, after the xray me and the assistant
to the surgeon and I was looking at the xray immediately I noticed that something
was inside the front of my throat that looked SUSPICIOUS and when I asked her she
told me that looks like something was left in you AFTER SURGERY.
I look at her and trying to figure out why and who did it because at this time I’m very
much aware of all the attacks from those weapons and after Amy Holem did the
Forencic Analyst Report it confirms what on the xray and shows much more of what
they are doing to my sound as a result of this foreign object inside the front of my
throat and since I discovered it There are implants inside my left nostril I have
pictures of it.
I have been implants inside my right upper forearm and I truly believe that happened
when I had hand surgery and the surgeon told me that he had to cut the elbow area
to fix my carpal tunnel in my right wrist.
My car is often invaded they often fold down my seats in the car , I guess trying to
prove to me they were there and have access to whatever they want that belong to
There so much more however I’m trying to keep it to one page but this is a book that
needs to be written and I was recently asked to send my story to have them put it in
the movie.
Thank you and God bless you
Kim W. Thomas”

8 – “Between June 2019 and December 2019 I became a victim of what is called
Organised Stalking and Electronic Harassment. Below is a list of the crimes that took
place against me:
I was stalked by numerous perpetrators both vehicular and on foot. I was followed on
many occasions whilst driving my vehicle. On one occasion I was tailgated by a
Derbyshire Police vehicle. I was stalked in Supermarkets and outside while walking
my dog.
I was attacked four times by microwave-directed energy weapons. The third attack
was attempted murder, which gave me an enormous electric shock, and severely
disabled me for 30 minutes.
Street Theatre- for example, contrived conversations calculated to deliver cryptic
messages, displays of props (e.g. dead bird placed outside my gate). Also, a knife
with red paint splashed on it, and a crowbar was placed very close to my house as
well as a dog collar and lead. This I believe was a threat to myself and my dog.
Computer and mobile phone hacking- two computers of mine were destroyed. I also
received a death threat on my computer.
Electronic interference with domestic appliances.
Attempted Sleep Deprivation – Neighbors appear to have been paid to harass me.
Neighbors at night shined lights into my bedroom window.
Entry to my home, evidenced by the removal of contents.
A false accusation was made against me which I believe was orchestrated by
Derbyshire Police to run an entrapment operation against me. This occurred one
week after I submitted an affidavit to Dr. Katherine Horton who was suing MI5 at the
High Court in London.”

9 – “I am a retired schoolteacher and for over 40 years I was the church organist at my
local Catholic Church. Between June 2019 and December 2019 I became a victim
of organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment. I was 78 years old at the time of
these attacks.
I was stalked by numerous different perpetrators both vehicular and on foot. I was
stalked by these criminals inside shops. Mobbing also occurred. I was playing the
organ for a Confirmation Mass at my church and got surrounded by a group of
unknown people who were trying to intimidate me. I also received electrical
interference with domestic appliances and was targeted by a microwave weapon in
September 2019.
Lights were shined into my bedroom window at night and nearly £3,000 was taken
from my bank account after I became the victim of a debit card fraud.
Psychiatric reprisal was used against me for reporting these crimes. At midnight on
13th September 2019, police and psychiatrists visited my home and threatened to
section me. This was Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire NHS”

10 – My name is Nathalie Alves, I’m 46 years old and I have lived in France from my birth. Today I’m living in another country in Europe. I come to you on this day in order to explain you what life of a victim of Havana Syndrome and Mind control programming, as I was and I’m going through for at least 14 years. This is important in order for each one of us develop knowledge on NEURO RIGHTS and mainly BRAIN DATA and thus to fight for them.
I can summarize my life as a targeted individual in 3 phases : the first one (+/- 2004 to 2014) where many strange things appeared in my life, not understanding them but noticing them, then the second one (2014 – 2017) that was the most aggressive but not understandable for me as I was severely targeted with microwave frequencies that were changing my brain frequencies, finally the third one (from 2018 to today) is the most painful for me as I really have felt the torture on many levels. This last phase was also the one where I have realized that I was suffering from DEW and mind control programming.
My experience of being targeted has begun with strange and uncommon thoughts and very for me coupled with big fatigue. Those thoughts were about some kind of negative thinking about me and life and those ones were coupled with abrupt fatigue. I do remember one day awaiting to cross a street and to feel those thoughts coming to me and I was like observing them as I was surprised by the moment they came and their nature (as if from nowhere). As days were passing, I found myself with a lot of challenges on my relationships with my friends, family, companion and co-workers. One after another, I have lost each one of them for whatever reason. Little by little, I lost connection to people and became someone very isolated.
Life was going on; I had some beautiful success on my former job while managing department stores with 200 people. I bought an apartment next to Paris but little by little some amazing things seemed to happen to me more and more. I, for example, needed to subscribe to a loan for my apartment and found myself being completely dis-organized while having to put some documents together. As a former epileptic, I had to take some specific insurance for the loan but forget what papers were needed and at what time to send all these. I found help from an association helping epileptic people but you can easily understand that having done a lot of financial work (profit & loss account, KPI’ managing, ..) while managing department stores until 200 people. That requires a pragmatic mind and a well-organized and synthetic one.
I decide to leave this job in 2014 as I was facing some unusual pression, stress and challenges with my co-workers and managers. I left and became very depressed, I found help and have decided to change my life completely and to go to live to Spain. Preparing my new professional carrier, I remember to have taken 2 formations: one about professional English that I did in Cambridge with the EF Education and another one was done remotely about retail indicators used in Spain. Two important things happened in 2014, I was severely targeted while being at this camp for students in UK and found myself being ostracized by other students, even being put apart and criticized directly while I’m a very discrete being. Another example of the type of manipulation these techs can do is related to the fact that I decided to sell my apartment in 2016 while living in Spain and I was not able to remember the price of the apartment and thus the most appropriate one to sell it. This forgetfulness was associated with hyperactivity and terror. As a matter of fact, I was not able to check or to remember where I have put the documents when having bought the house. I, thus, sell the apartment with more than 10,000€ loss in relation to the purchase. I only realize this in 2021. I was amazed. This was not me.
The last thing that makes me understand that something was not normal in my life was related to my former Linkedin account where 2 people wanted to contact me : one from a young man at the US Navy and the other one from the Bon Secours Hospital in New York. Why these people wanted to know me ?
I move to Spain in 2014, I was thinking to go to Madrid but for whatever reason went to Barcelona. In Spain this has become hell at some moments. First, I really begun to have challenges on relationships at a so important frequency that I realized at this moment that something was going wrong. I also realized that when applying for a job and while meeting the managers, for whatever reason my face would make a strange move as a smile of mockery, or I would look on a strange way to someone. The aim was to make me appear as someone not to trust. I, indeed, did not find any job while being in Barcelona during these 2 years. I used all my savings. I also have noticed that I had very unusual thoughts as when I was thinking “oh, what a beautiful tree”, just behind appeared an opposite thought with a perception of terror (example : this tree is sick and will die). This form of reversal thoughts was for everything in my life. Impossible. As a result of all these barbaric actions, at the beginning of the 2017’s year, I did not have any more money to buy food for myself and my loved ones. During almost 2 weeks, I stayed lying in my bed drinking water and then I went to a field where orange trees were growing and where I was able to take some to eat. The most important for me was to find food for my loved ones. My head at that moment was like on a prison of powerless and angry thoughts, I was unable to focus on an action to help me fight that. I finally was able to sell one of my carpets for 20€. I bought food and decided to return to France while asking money to my family to buy the tickets.
I arrived in France by February of 2017 and stayed for 3 years living at my mother’s house, not
finding a job and thus not able to find a house for myself. This was difficult for the relationship
between my mother and I. In 2017 : I did not find a job but has some unemployment financial help from the government. In 2018 : I worked 3 days on a year and I became more and more aware of this technological thing called HAVANA SYNDROME, I was able to take some photos and videos of radio frequencies measurements done on me while sharing this house with my mother. Those 2 years were and still are also very difficult as I was and I’m going through another types of torturous acts : induction of depressive states, memory erasure, electricity and shocks (mainly while driving or moving to another house), fear and terror (everyday), psychological intimidation (do not go to the police or do not go outside you will be implanted here or there), not able to go to toilets, dietary manipulation (feeling the smell of vomit or of blood while beginning to eat or having an image of a sexual organ being projected to me), desensitization of pain impulses (no more feel the pain of
hurting myself with a wall for example if I was not being attentive), repetition of traumatic thoughts and feelings and perceptions, lack of privacy (like having others’ people’s eyes looking at what I’m doing or reading and much more), sleep deprivation (not able to sleep during 2 or 3 consecutive nights, this is like having my eyes closed and at the same time having other eyes being opened and thus not able to sleep), stress positions as lying down on the bed or sitting to work (these are stress positions as I was being targeted on my intimate parts), technologically raped (feeling the nervous system of my intimate parts being stimulated on all facets). These ones are coupled with experiments on my body as : the nervous system of my face is being pulled up or down (this appears on some photos 2 weeks ago and are being represented by a hole on my left cheek) and as a matter of fact my skin is folding not naturally. I also have felt one time my organs inside my body being reduced through their nervous system and my respiratory abilities diminished a lot. I also lived with a permanent pressure on my brain, chest and back. I also have experienced one night like a bowl going from the top of my head (left part) going down to the level of my heart (this has remained unbelievable for me but still being true). Finally, I will end these descriptions with what maybe the most difficult for me to handle : these neuro-techs targeted every day my intimate parts and awaken me on night while doing it and they have altered and desensitized my feelings of love towards my loved ones (for example I can go to make a big hug to one of them, and then they put like a frequency of terror or anger/hatred, so when doing it, this is like torturing me and them).
About this third phase, I have noticed good and very bad things, the best way to describe are facts :

  • 2019 : 3 months at the hospital due to being pushed to suicide as I was facing very intense
    deprivation of sleep + 1 job found + living at my mother’s house
  • 2020 : 5 de – localisation’s + 4 different jobs
  • 2021 : 1 apartment became mine + 1 job + 1 formation
  • 2022 : 1 de – localisation + 4 different jobs
    As you can see, I have not yet found a stable ground (home, professionally and financially) but I’m succeeding to have interesting things to be done for me, as for example I love nature and animals and was able to form myself on sustainability. About my job positions, I went from a cashier to an employee on department stores to now to a commercial assistant. I’m happy to work as this allows me to focus on positive things and maintain me connected to people. I also have been able to get more proofs of my torturous experience and met ICATOR’s representatives also (that as led me to another step). This last phase has been a very painful one as one, I become more and more aware to what I have been through. At the same time, I realize that my life may be shorten due to what these barbaric
    beings were and are doing to me. The ultimate experiences on my body (with so extreme threats as cutting all my phone connections and wifi access while being on December 31, 2021 and more of this type while working from home which has led me losing 2 jobs this year) were also very hard to handle but I realize that they work through an ICM (brain machine interface) that has registered, organize every one of the reactions of my nervous system, of my thoughts, of my feeling. This implies a lot of data’s and work. We cannot talk about a little organization. We can talk about unethical and barbaric actions here. Moreover, going to numbers, just check : to have a team of neuro-techs working on a human being day and night, how many are needed ? 4 to 6. Now, let’s look for the average income of those people : 3000€/month. For just a year, there is an investment of at least 144 000€ / year for a team of 4 neuro-techs. Now, how many years do they have been working on me : 7 to 10 years. Here is the global investment: 1 008 000€ to 1 440 000€. Reading my testimony and putting this in front of, what are we talking about ? I do not accept this type of hatred
    acts being done on innocent people and children. To end, my life is at risk and these neuro-techs working on me have no limit, they literally are doing experiments on me, harassing me day and night, abusing me, to sum up having barbaric acts on me (they have threatened me by stealing or opening the access to my medical and personal datas, just think what it means). Of course, it has been very difficult to write this testimony for two reasons :
    one, this is very difficult for me to express this torture ; two, as always each time I try to explain what I was and I’m going through these barbaric people change my brain frequencies with fatigue, lack of clarity and disinterest.
    So I hope that this testimony will help to see what sciences, techs can do to harm people and make them unable to think by themselves. These sectors must be strongly regulated and each one of the beings working on these teams must sign an ethical agreement, otherwise not being incorporated. We are talking about slaving people, doing experiments on people remotely and anonymously.
    May this give you strength to fight for your rights, your neuro rights and protect them from

11 – “I am Ulrich Steube from Witten in Western Germany.
I have been harassed and tortured by electronic weaponry and extreme gang stalking for
over 2 years now.
I am 75 years old. I am tortured 24/7 by electronic weapons and severe mind control. I was
probably implanted with microchips during an operation last year.
As I am living alone in my house I am the perfect victim, the process of harassment and
torture has rapidly increased. I was slowly separated from my family and friends.
I was gunned down recently by DEWs landing unconscious on the bath room floor which I hit
with my chin.
This was not the first time I was hit by a DEW which are being tested and developed on
unknowing civilians like me.
I constantly suffer from bruises on my body which doctors have never seen before and
cannot identify.
Additionally I suffer from severe gang stalking which starts as soon as I leave the house.
Perps are following me wherever I go. My car has been manipulated too. I cannot drive longer.
In it I am harassed with radiation, too. My house was broken into and doctors’ documents were stolen. The Police and authorities don’ t react to my complaints and attempts to have judicial support.
This constant radiation and psychotronic weaponry is slowly killing and will kill me and
thousands, if not millions round the globe.
This worldwide torture of ordinary civilians has to be stopped and authorities must act.
This inactivity endangers democracies and kills probably millions of people round the world.
Every person of authority should be aware that his/her inactivity kills and will kill people.”

12 – “My name is Vikas Kumar, born September 12th 1986 at Banbury. I have been a targeted individual for my whole life where methods of Electronic Harassment and Gang stalking have been applied in order to put me under extreme psychological torture for all those years. My childhood upbringing wasn’t good and have encountered horrible situations with my parents that most people wouldn’t be able to cope with. I had to be psychologically resilient to cope with this. Even school life was horrible during the teenage years at Warwick school. In fact, I was at a boarding house when I started there in the summer of 2001 until the summer of 2003. I didn’t get along with my boarding house mates and had the feeling of being ostracized. At the start of my first term at Warwick school, I had the impression that someone in the same
class as me was a perpetrator and somehow secretly knew my personal email address who then spread it on to his classmates. I also realized that someone I knew added me on MSN messenger which was a chat
program. There were three people in MSN messenger who started to take advantage of me by sending me horrible remarks, a form of on-line bullying. I was infuriated but at the same time, I had to keep my cool.
When I started my A levels in 2003 the same perpetrator was in the same class as me. I did A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and got 3 B’s. Despite the goods grades, my father wasn’t impressed. In fact, his reaction was just as bad as I had received my GCSE results 2 years prior. At the time I wasn’t aware of mind control at the time but after understanding the tactics used by the criminals to manipulate people’s behavior, this had been the case.
The big event occurred after I left Birmingham university due to the fact that I dropped out with issues relating to my course. The first year I managed to complete my Biochemistry course and made a couple of friends, however in the 2nd year I became more isolated and struggled to complete the modules which resulted in me dropping out of university. I had noticed the students just wanted to socialize a lot, which involved binge drinking than consuming alcohol responsibly and not making the effort to study the course
with dedication. Prior to the drop out, I was given another chance of either joining the 2nd year students one year later or taking a year out for private study. I chose the private study method and was re-examined but failed. After that, I believe my dad was mind controlled to see my course tutor to make negative remarks which were horrible. One example was that my dad mentioned that “Vikas didn’t make an attempt to study hard.” This has made feel negative about myself and I then developed suicidal tendencies which I over came over the coming weeks. I really wanted to have a go at my dad for those negative remarks and I believe my perpetrators had set me up to react to this situation so that I could get
in further trouble. I however, maintained by calmness to avoid the situation from getting out of control. I had come to the conclusion that Birmingham University was a bad choice whereas If I had made another choice the outcome could have been entirely different.
Not many weeks later I spoke to a secret agent on Skype, and I mentioned some controversial issues which my agent didn’t want me to discuss. Because of this, Mind control and DEW was used against me from that higher level perpetrator, and I ended up in a psychiatric ward in 2008 for 4 months before I was discharged by the doctors. I believed that I was a Manchurian candidate with a criminal record attached to me due to the events prior to the sectioning under the Mental Health Act 3 by the police. I wholly held the perpetrator responsible for my arrest for this heinous crime to remotely control me into the psychiatric system which was impossible to escape at the time. There were initially 2 police officers involved in my arrest and I ended up in a police car where I went to Northampton. My first admission was initially a care home for the elderly where I underwent some medical tests and was there for a couple of days. I was then transferred to a psychiatric ward (Allen ward) in Oxford by taxi where some mental health staff accompanied me. During the first day at the Hospital, I tried to escape but had to be restrained by at least 2 members of staff. As a result of that incident, I had to be placed under close observation. I was then
transferred to the Wintle ward days later. I was under the supervision of a psychiatrist (who was horrible person called Dr J. Chalmers) and the mental health staff before being discharged. During the early days of my admission, I was heavily mind controlled and given a nasty anti-psychotic called Risperidone. As a result of taking this tablet, I became restless and hungrier. I complained to the mental health staff, but nothing was being done. My psychiatrist never explained anything about these tablets and their side effects and decided to switch me to Olanzapine, another horrible anti-psychotic which made me hungry again and zombie like. Given the horrible circumstances of being on this medication and complying, the psychiatrist decided to discharge me. I was then given a place to stay at Cowley Road, Oxford in January
2009 where I was there for almost 2 years. It’s a respite place for people with mental health problems. Fortunately, I got on with the people there including the staff who work in the office during weekdays only.
I then applied to university which was based at Coventry and even though I didn’t know about Mind control and Harassment at the time until much later, those techniques where in place to ensure that I drop out of university at the earliest opportunity which did happen due to not being able to cope with the Computer Science course. I believe the higher level perpetrates used DEW(direct energy weapons) on me to force me out of university and then getting into a quarrel with my parents later on. There were instances of direct conversation in the lectures, which meant that the people around me were speaking my thoughts out. After dropping out, I believed that my parents were being manipulated to act in a horrible
way which made me burst in anger and being aggressive. This resulted me going on an antidepressant called Sertraline to calm me down. This had resulted in side effects over the coming weeks which include losing the ability to have pleasure from activities as well as increased cranial pressure.
The 2nd time I was sectioned was in early 2017 for 2 months at the same Hospital (Warneford, Vaughan Thomas Ward) for not taking my Anti-psychotic. The staff based at the Elms centre, Banbury believed (including Dr Chalmers)that I wasn’t taking my Anti-psychotic and assumed I posed a great danger to myself and others even though these principles are based on mind control. This had resulted in artificial V2K where I was hearing voices. I was never informed by my psychiatrist that I became psychotic, and she secretly spoke to one of the other doctors who had sectioned me based on her observations. Paranoia had also developed but I 100% believe this is Mind control and not natural. I have had trouble fighting this mental health system and have to bear the extreme psychological damage I have been put under all
those years and will likely to remain for the rest of my life unless a big change occurs such as a revolution where many protest against this corrupt system. I had also mentioned to my psychiatrist that these Anti-psychotic medications can cause neurological defects over time by showing her evidence on a printed article which she refuted straight away. I am aware that some TIs are under the mental health system, and some aren’t. I get V2K (voice 2 skull), remote control movements, body attacks via DEW(direct energy
weapons) as well as other torturous methods. I am a very strong psychological person and can cope with these attacks as well as being partially isolated although I do get big support from my parents even though they don’t believe in mind control. The best method is to distract myself by getting engaged in certain hobbies so I don’t think about being harassed and gang stalked otherwise the targeting could increase and place me in a worse predicament.
Employment wise, I successfully had a job in Iceland in May 2016 as a cleaner. Unfortunately, weeks after I had the job, the perpetrators but me into an induced deep sleep so that I couldn’t turn up to my Job at the right time in the morning. This has been attempted several times during the week and as a result, I had to lose my job. I was also aware of members of the public acting as gang-stalkers either through manipulation or doing it consciously. I know that these criminal perpetrators will do anything they can to stop me from getting another job by employing the same tactics as they did at my first job.
I am also aware that all my private and public activities are being monitored and possibly being shown in the dark web where there is hardly any policing and because of this, the criminals can get away with this heinous crime. My Facebook posts were monitored and unfortunately my parents were reading some information that I posted on-line and spoke to my psychiatrist in secret to dictate that these issues were part of my psychotic illness. Unfortunately, my parents don’t believe in Mind control as mentioned before and even If I raise a single issue about this, then they won’t believe anything and the issue could escalate.
With regards to the medicines, I have been on which are both anti-psychotics and antidepressants, my mental well being has declined and have resulted in physical symptoms such as extreme weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes and possible earlier death. The mental health system that TIs are put under is highly corrupt and the pharmaceutical companies get the profit whilst I and other fellow TIs get tortured.
There have been calls to ban these poisonous medications, but the higher powers remain to the higher level gang-stalkers who have complete control over this sadistic system. I had also learnt from other TIs that the Freemasons, the Illuminati as well as other secret organisations are heavily involved in the corrupt pharmaceutical trade. As a matter of fact, there have been a high-rate suicides for those under the mental health system and those that aren’t. In some extreme cases, people can be made homeless as well as losing money which is also a high-risk factor for suicide. With regards to the mental health system, the majority of the population who have never been under the system who pose a risk to the system itself can become TIs when in reality virtually all TIs are law abiding citizens who don’t deserve to be in this
horrific system. I have as well as other TIs come to the conclusion that the perpetrators, from being low level all the way to the top should be punished and held accountable for their actions. Despite these calls for gang stalking and electronic harassment to be abolished, the torture continues. Another way that these criminals get away with is manipulating the population to not believe these phenomena so when a TI speaks about these issues with regards to mind control, they will be labelled as “Mentally Ill.” There is also media control so whenever the TI writes to media corporations, the issues with regards to electronic harassment and gang-stalking would be ignored and not taken seriously. This also applies when writing to the secret services and the police. The only way to overcome these issues is if we raise awareness so that people do believe that these incidents are happening to a subset of the population. I am also aware that human right groups are contacting the UN with regards to Satellite based torture against innocent individuals and to abolish this crime altogether so that us TIs can live peaceful lives rather than being
attacked relentlessly for no valid reason. The bottom line is that these criminals have a high abuse of power with virtually no oversight i.e., they target innocent human beings because they can and have the secrecy to do it. The end result is that us TIs are being treated as guinea pigs very similar to the methods that the Nazis used in concentration camps during WW2. The only difference is in the modern era,
Satellites are being used and there are 1000s in numbers in space to mount attacks on civilians.
With regards to the secret organisations, the psychiatric industry is a small part in the multi billionaire system where other fields are involved such as the media, the government and others. Defeating the actions of the perpetrators is not going to be easy unless TIs and non-TIs who believe in this come together as one and speak out verbally rather than suffering in silence. There have been small protests for calls to combat this crime, but they have been low in number but as more individuals become aware of this phenomenon i.e. by setting up Facebook pages about this crime on the internet, the more likely we can end this torture and live peaceful lives.”