Synopsis of Cyber Torture

Organised Stalking or – “Gang Stalking”

Organised stalking, or commonly known as – Gang Stalking – is carried out by enthusiastic and structured groups. Some are normal civilians who sign up to do so via recruitment agencies.

During & after WW2 the German Police named “The Stasi” were surveilling civilians during much public unrest. To begin with the tactics used were severe but so public that they had to be changed to “no-touch torture” which intended to intimidate and psychologically weaken the target and was named Zersetzung.

In the USA, the FBI began COINTELPRO—short for Counter intelligence Program—in 1956. The USA Government claimed this was setup in order to infiltrate & stop groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. They publicly ceased Cointelpro in the 70’s but secretly continued & today it is still operational. Fusion Center’s are also involved.

They will follow, intimidate, sabotage & isolate victims. It is often the case that victims will experience the same people & vehicles following them. Breaking & Entering is another highly reported aspect. They will do so in order to plant covert monitoring devices, cause damage & sabotage.

Victims often hire Private Detectives to look into this & some have found that their stalkers are hired by or working for the Government, Agencies & Police. It is also very often found that a persons neighbours are involved.

The stalkers have clearances & access to Postal workers, Banks & more & can even follow victims to their place of work to sabotage their jobs & income.

Another aspect of the stalking is known as Street Theatre. This involves actual staged events which have been planned beforehand. Example – A group of stalkers will follow the victim & act out as a group that the victim has shouted at them (Which they often do out of fear & anger) in order to then set them up.

Electronic Harassment

Another aspect is Hacking & Cyber stalking. Any passwords, Accounts, Social Media Accounts, Emails & even Banking accounts can easily be monitored & Sabotaged. Some report that loans are taken out in their names illegally.

It is well known that victims end up having to be vigilant & back up important files in ways which they should not have to do so.

Due to the high level clearances & advanced hacking & monitoring capabilities criminals involved have – they can achieve their goals almost always untraced. We do also know that various Intelligence Agencies around the world monitor Illegally. The NSA monitor all people all over the world & keep records of all communications.

However, this can still be proven & detected. By using IP Address & Network monitoring App’s & Software an individual can actually see if others are using their personal Networks & IP addresses.

Electronic Attacks

Using highly advanced Microwave Weapons Systems, which can come in many many different forms, victims can be attacked via manipulation of the Central Nervous System. Signals are sent to the Spinal cord using Tone Generators. Each Vertebrae has a different tone – These are referred to as “Songs of the Spine”.

Signals are sent which are then translated by the brain & victims experience actual physical pain as a result. The attacks feel exactly like they are actually taking place.

There are only a few types of RF or Microwaves signals which can operate in such a way as to still work even though penetrating through multiple obstacles like buildings & walls. Said signals can also still work when a person is underwater & on a Plane. The fact the attacks do not stop whilst travelling on a Plane & once in a foreign country suggests that satellites are definitely being used.

When a person moves out of fear to a remote location attackers often use Drones until they can recalibrate to different satellites. There are satellites in orbit just for the purpose of remote areas. The fact that satellites are being used tells us that Telecommunications companies either know of or are actually involved.

Devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops & more can be accessed & hacked into via signals in order for them to be used as weapons. So a victims own devices are being used to attack with.

Companies making such devices & weapons are – Darpa / Lockheed Martin / Boeing / NASA & many many more. Darpa have their Brain Initiative program. There is also now the AG Barr Pre-Crime program, where criminals are monitored 247 in order to prevent crimes from taking place.

They are very specific & have pin point precision, DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – which are like massive Electrical Shocks / pulses & can leave severe radiation burns. DEW, Lasers are all used by Militaries around the world. There are now handheld “Ray or Laser Guns” being tested.

Victims will most likely find they have highly toxic chemicals & metals in their systems as a result of the severe radiation exposure, and symptoms can lead to serious health conditions like Auto Immune Disorders & Cancer.

BCI & RNM – Brain Computor Interface & Remote Neural Monitoring

These types of technologies are used for research & medical purposes. Examples are Parkinson’s Disease & Dementia.  This is known as DBS – Deep Brain Stimulation. A patient will CONSENT to an Implant in their brain & a BCI in order for Dr’s to receive information in the form of brain waves to aid in their treatment.

These technologies are being used by Elon Musk & various other similar Companies like NEXTMIND. Headsets are being developed which will allow a person to control their devices via their brain & without having to touch them.

For victims these are NON CONSENSUAL & cause serious Neurological damage such as Seizures, affecting cognition & memory & more. It allows the criminals control over and access to parts of the brain – Memory, Vision, Perception, Emotion & thoughts. This is known as Remote Neural Monitoring. Essentially this gives attackers control of so many aspects of a persons life.

Sleep, Emotions, thoughts, dreams, hallucinations & more can all be induced & controlled.

Voice to Skull – V2K – Subliminal Messaging

Most victims complain of symptoms commonly referred to as “Voices”. When experiencing this for the first time it can be extremely distressing & lead people to thinking they are unwell & possibly Schizophrenic.

However, the Voices are in “Real Time” & comment on thoughts within nano seconds.

The signals are sent via the Cochlea. Criminals use what are known as “Vox Changers” to disguise voices & also to make the experience more disturbing. They can make the voices sound of ANYTHING they choose & can also emulate the voices of people the victim knows perfectly.

Thus making it very easy to  make victims believe even their loved one’s may be involved in the crimes.

These & other signals sent to the brain & Cochlea often cause severe tinnitus, nausea, dizziness & balance issues.

Implants or Chips & Hydrogel Sensors

These types of attacks can be achieved by just using RF signals. More often than not victims do have Implants or Chips within their bodies. These will have been illegally implanted of course.

When victims become aware of their attacks they will think back to any surgical procedures they have had in the past, as even Dr’s & Surgeon’s working for a countries National Health care services can be paid to partake in various types of Research programs. It could have been done at birth also.

Over the years these Chips or Implants have become more & more advanced. There are now what are called  – Hydrogel Sensors. These are again used for research & Medical purposes. They can be injected, rubbed onto the skin or even put into a drink.

Hydrogels thrive on water & expand in the bloodstream & body & they are Nano Technology also referred to as “Smart Dust”. They are used in food packaging, the growing of crops, medical gauzes & more. Once in the system they will never be removed.

Some Chips or the more advanced Hydrogels can be purposefully moved around the victims body so to then attack & send signals to different areas.

Thousands of victims have sound evidence of their Implants via scans like X-rays & MRI,they can be seen plain as day. Some can even report that they have found surgical scars one day which were not there beforehand, and some have been successful in having them located & removed.

Implants & Chips can also add to the above statement with regards to radiation as their coatings & materials can breakdown in the body & blood stream, for example, high levels of Carbon Monoxide can be produced over time as a result of Hydrogel Sensors.

Consumers are nowadays choosing to have RFID Chips implanted into various body parts. There are many companies around the world offering this technology. Some have the chips implanted into their hands so that they can make payments, open doors, start their cars & more via signals & without having to touch anything.

Conclusion –

With all these aspects rolled into one as methods of Inhumane Treatment & actual torture many have died over the years, be it as a result of brain or nerve damage, radiation exposure leading to health issues such as cancer & of course suicide.

Please see our Documents page to view various patents for said technology.