Membership & Donations

The “GoFundMe” link is down Please kindly use the new “Fundrazr” link below

The Fundrazr donation link below has a “Tip” option upon making contributions. You can opt out of paying this by simply clicking on “Change tip amount”

Donate Via Bank Transfer

Account holder : ICATOR
IBAN number : BE22 0017 8406 7547

Payments to the Fundrazr page can also be made Via Paypal if you have an Account


Regular Membership – 60 Euros

Supporting Membership – 120 Euros

Association Membership – 500 Euros

Fill in the Membership form below

Membership Payments are Annual & can be paid at any time during the year. We understand that victims can have financial difficulty so installments are fine.

Try to use your name as Payment Reference & Provide your Payment Reference

We require your Address so we can post your Icator Membership Card out to you

Payments are Non – Refundable

Please E-mail us with your future annual Membership Payment details

A Direct Debit can be setup via your bank if you wish

All Data is handled in line with the Data Protection Act & Strictly Confidential

It is 100 Euros to participate in the Lawsuit & Payments can be here

Membership Cards will be sent out later this year 2022

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – If you are wanting to attend an event which requires you becoming a member first please use the bottom field of the form below to include details

We need your Address in order to post you your Icator Membership Card.