International class action lawsuit against neurotorture

ICATOR is launching an international campaign to file a class action lawsuit against neurotorture. Many people worldwide are affected by secret torture programs and clandestine research with neuroweapons. We are the first victims’ group worldwide to raise money to take legal action against the covert torture programs. For this we need you! With your support we will be able to take legal action on behalf of the victims.

How can you help us?

ICATOR needs 15.000 Euro for the costs of such a court case. Once we have that
together, the evidence can be viewed by our lawyer and prepared for the trial.

Who can participate?

All those affected who have evidence suitable for court can join our lawsuit. But also those who have no measurement reports and evidence of implants can also join. We will tell you exactly how to do this on request.

Help us to stop the inhumane attempts. The truth must finally come to light. You can help to end these crimes once and for all. Let’s stop this terror against innocent people together.

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IBAN number : BE22 0017 8406 7547