International Class Action Lawsuit Against Neuro torture

ICATOR is launching an international campaign to file a class action lawsuit against neuro torture. Many people worldwide are affected by secret torture programs and clandestine research with neuro weapons. We are the first Human Rights organisation worldwide to raise money to take legal action against the covert torture programs. For this we need you! With your support we will be able to take legal action on behalf of the victims.

How can you help us?

We need to fundraise throughout the process & different stages. We initially needed to raise 15,000 Euros for the retainer fee which we managed to do over a few months. Donations from those who can afford are highly appreciated & only go towards the lawsuit.

Who can participate?

All those affected who have evidence suitable for court can join our lawsuit. But also those who have no measurement reports and evidence of implants can also join by simply submitting a Witness Statement. We will tell you exactly how to do this on request.

Icator & it’s Belgium based members would be the Plaintiffs & any non Belgium residents will be Witnesses. We have victims with evidence joining from the U.S, EU, U.K, Australia, China, Japan & more.

Our Lawyer is now part of an association which means that we now have several lawyers involved & it will be a public interest case, which means it will raise awareness.

The goal is to set a legal precedent for the future, create new laws & regulate weapons systems.

The Belgium Government will be prosecuted for not protecting citizens. If the case were to fail in Belgium it would then go to the European Court of Human Rights & or the ICC in which case all Governments would be applicable.

Another legal event which will take place is a Parliamentary hearing which would be televised. This would be accompanied by a petition which would be sent to the Belgian Parliament.

We are meeting with various Technical & Medical Experts & working closely with a number of other victims groups from around the world.

Our lawyers decided the case should be civil & criminal so that participants would get both convictions & compensation.

Recent Letters with Information about the Lawsuit are below to view in four Languages. We will continue to hold zoom meetings with our lawyers for victims to meet them & ask questions.

Anyone wishing to participate need to become an Icator Member which is an Annual payment & an additional Donation of 100 Euro’s to join the Lawsuit.

Membership details & Payment methods can be found by clicking the link below.

Icator are a non profit association & legal cases such as these cannot be “Pro-Bono” In Belgium this is illegal, so we need to fund raise in order to pay our legal fees.

We ask that until the time is right, victims & members do not contact our lawyers association.

We ask this as they have other commitments & we cannot bombard them with emails asking questions, sending evidence & alike.

They consider Icator as the representative of all members taking part & as spokespersons to all other victims & deal with us directly.

When the time is right official documents will be sent out for participants to complete.

We thank you for your understanding, patience & support

Class Action Donations Invitation EN

Class Action Donations Invitation EN

Class Action Donations Invitation FR

Class Action Donations Invitation FR

Class Action Donations Invitation DE

Class Action Donations Invitation DE

Class Action Donations Invitation ES

Class Action Donations Invitation ES