We collect real evidence of covert crimes against humanity. If you have evidence of irradiation, implantation, gang stalking or Hacking feel free to let us know Via Email.

We have held regular Radio Frequency Scanning events in a controlled environment – Faraday Cage. These events normally took place in Belgium but have been discontinued.

We are now working in partnership with a Belgian based medical association with view to having members tested in various ways & holding thermal imaging scanning events around the world via our technical advisor Amy Holem – listed below.

We have many victims sending us evidence for us to store safely, publish & for the purpose of our International Class Action Lawsuit.

There are various ways of obtaining evidence – Radio Frequency Scannings with a Private Investigator or TSCM Specialist – (Technical Surveillance Counter measures). Using Bug detectors, Spectrum Analysers, Thermal Imagers & more.

If you believe you may have chips located in areas of your body these Radio Frequency Scans can help locate them & also Thermal Imaging can show up hot spots where they could be located.

If Frequencies can be obtained by either scanning your person & or yourself within a room they could then possibly be traced back to source via an FCC Search – (Federal Communications Commission).

If you cannot hire a professional to conduct such a scanning then there are devices which can be purchased in order to do them yourself. This may not be good enough for use in the court room but still helpful. As long as you can find good conditions, Eg. – a location where there is no or little Wifi & Cell signal, & scan the room for 1 hour before & after the person is present, this will show said frequencies are only present when the person is. Also remember that some bugs are passive & some active & they are designed covertly, so they may only send out what are known as “Burst” Transmissions at set times each day, making it difficult to detect. As a result it is often a good idea to do scannings over a number of days if possible.

The Aceco SC+1 & RF Explorer are reasonably priced. The Aceco is an RF counter & Rf Explorer is a handheld Spectrum Analyser. There are of course many different types of products & research is advisable.

Another decent Bug Detector which TSCM & P.I’s swear by is the Protect I 1207. This device can detect bugs when they are both on or off.

Using Wireshark, an App which is free to download, can help in identifying if there are others in & or using or connected to your Internet network. This can help to prove hacking.

X-Rays, MRI, FMRI & EEG scans all can help in proving Chips & Neurological dysfunction as a result of exposure to EMF.

Blood & Toxicology Tests can also be a very good way of finding out any harm been caused via Exposure for both peace of mind & knowing how to detox, and of course for obtaining evidence. As a result of chips & exposure there could possibly be Toxic Metals & Chemicals in the blood which can lead to various health symptoms.

Blood microscopy to the atomic / Nano level may aid in finding nanotechnology in the blood.

Other medical tests & scans which can be conducted are – Brain QEEG / Brain MEG / Nerves & muscles EMG & Vestibular assessments.

The tests most relevant for obtaining a Havana Syndrome diagnosis are as follows –


A QEEG scan – Quantative EEG – Will take activity readings directly from the brain & store these in software. It is wise to get the recordings from the software as well as a written report.

The vestibular assessment & QEEG report & recording’s can then all be sent to a neurologist who uses specifically DTI software – Digital Tensor Imaging, also known as LORETTA. A neurologist using these pieces of software can then look into brain activity in much more depth.

It is wise to go with a QEEG scan which is conducted using NEURO-GUIDE software, as this is the most commonly used & will be compatible with DTI & LOERETTA.

Any other supporting medical evidence, health issues, conditions & medications you are taking can be given to the neurologist as well, which should be included in the final report.

Finally making an appointment with Dr Hoffer – Miami University, who is giving out Havana Syndrome / DEW exposure diagnosis.

Each of the above evidence collecting methods accompany each other well.

For advice about evidence collecting feel free to contact us.

A document listing blood & toxicology tests which can be done is provided below. Not all victims are exactly the same nor get the same findings from tests so research is advisable.

Link to a Blood & Toxicology Tests Document


Amy Holem – Aimees Audios – Digital Forensic professional in Subliminal Acoustic Fingerprinting

Amy Holem can help in obtaining evidence of attackers communications captured within Audio files, Thermal Imaging & FCC searches to trace Frequencies back to source.