Advice for victims

Think you are a victim / targeted individual ?

If you are unsure if you are a victim, these are the typical complaints and symptoms most endure –

Voices which you can converse with and comment on your thoughts in real time.

Mind reading.

Stalking – At times by the same people & neighbours

Hacking of devices.

Sabotage – From family, friends or authorities and doctors.

Physical sensations without being touched.

Possibility of being drugged.

Possibility of being implanted and strange marks on your body.

Large electric pulses or shocks.

Actual burns on your body which appear out of nowhere.

For those who are just discovering that they are or may be a victim –

Do not tell the authorities or talk to doctors about strange symptoms.

They could easily deem you as unwell, refer you to mental health services or possibly section you.

Most victims experience this as it is part of a larger plan to discredit them as mentally unfit.

If something happens to your health which needs addressing do NOT tell the doctors or hospital you think it is to do with microwave weapons or is being “Done” to you in some way. Make normal health complaints. Even those who get severe burns on their bodies are at times not believed and it could be considered as self-harm.

If you suspect that your family or friends may be involved, it is wise to either stop seeing them or to just be careful what you tell them


MATTER WHAT. They will lie to you, try to sabotage and more.

Meeting other victims –

Once you realise you are not alone, that there are groups and individuals going through this all over the planet, it may help to simply calm you down. You can develop a support network of other victims who you can then talk openly and freely with.

Setting up a Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or Facebook account is a good idea as there are multiple groups and others with such accounts to meet. There are some websites below of other groups and ones who hold conferences and radio shows, learning about what is happening to you is useful. Please also see our international groups page for other groups and see if there is one in the country you reside in.

Prevention measures

Buy an audio recording device and record yourself 247. This can be time consuming, but it is a good idea. If you buy a device similar to this – Zoom H2n – and put it on the lowest file size setting – MP3 – It will record for around 5 days nonstop, then transfer the files onto USB pens or drives for storage, the files are smaller on this setting so plenty can be stored on a 128GB USB pen.

This helps in proving where you are and what your activities are.

Keep a daily log / diary. Document all you can.

Dash cams for cars, front and rear, security cameras for your home.

Keeping a spare phone on you at all times, and something of value, a piece of jewellery or valuable item in case you have no funds or access to a bank account, you could sell / pawn an item in an emergency.

Spy cameras and spy audio devices. On amazon you can buy Spy USB pens rather cheap.

If you are worried about your home and things being planted In your home, you can remove any items which may be considered illegal or dangerous from your home whilst filming, and could go round your home looking everywhere whilst filming, for anything that should not be there, store the footage, and repeat every now and then.

Taking “selfies” and sending email to yourself is another good idea. If your feeling threatened or your attackers threaten you, sending an email detailing this to yourself could help in proving certain events. Whilst the police may not believe this if you were in a position where you had to share these emails, they are still useful to do and store, you should send these to another person you trust to store as well.

Fitting locks and spy holed on door, and also a metal hook on a door handle to be able to tell if anyone has tried opening your door.

Create a living will. A living will is basically an instruction document, detailing that you are sound of mind and if anything happens to you this is what you would like to happen, in case of sabotage, you will need it signing and witnessing by a person you trust, then carry it around with you at all times.

Taking out home, car and legal insurance. Also, calling your banks, benefits or welfare offices, credit report and pension service – and telling them you have been a victim of ID theft and asking for extra security measures.

Backing up important files, documents, emails, messages, footage and alike. Using a password manager, encrypted devices, resetting devices every now and then. Attackers hacking capabilities cannot ever be fully stopped.

Mental health and being sectioned

If you have actually behaved in a way that shows you are a danger to yourself or others, for example, attempted suicide, or found with a knife on your person, this would give authorities actual grounds to section you. Under these circumstances and if you cannot avoid it, it is advised to not resist, go with them, and “Play the game” – meaning – admit you have had a stressful time and get out of there as soon as possible.

Some are sectioned for no real reason. Some simply send an email to their local politician or post on their social media accounts and are sectioned or referred to mental health services.

Under these circumstances it is advisable to not sign any paperwork, make good eye contact with them, if you are being told you need sectioning there should be a doctor or psychiatrist present, if there is not you can politely bring this up & state you will not sign any paperwork but you will also not resist. If you are seen to be resisting they could charge you with this as well.

Some victims have experienced police visiting them, telling them they are being sectioned, with no doctor present, resisting to go and not signing paperwork, this is not correct procedure. But in order to prevent further damage to yourself and your reputation please judge the situation on its merits at the time.

If you are sectioned you can request a tribunal where you can plead you case to leave the hospital.

We only recommend doing this if you have NOT shown yourself to be a danger to yourself or others, under these circumstances they have more grounds to keep you there.

There are different section categories depending on the individual and the circumstances. Mental health and police policy and procedure differ in different countries.

Dealing with authorities

Some victims have gone through entrapment via authorities, when they have done nothing wrong, it is a form of framing and to discredit.

Normally when someone is arrested, they are appointment a lawyer some may have their own lawyer. If a lawyer believes you are a danger to yourself or others, they can state this to the authorities. Be careful what you tell them.

Unless you have actually done something to warrant the police talking to you or arresting you, you are not obliged to say anything to them. You do not have to identify yourself, tell them what you are doing or anything. At the same time if you are too defensive this may result badly, it is always best to be calm, polite & to not shout at them, and certainly do no swear or act physically.

You can tell them you do not understand why they are talking to you or answer “No comment” to their questions.

If you tell the police, you are a victim of targeting via microwave weapons or anything alike, they can deem you mentally unwell and section you, if you post publicly about targeting and your social media account posts are reported this could be used against you.

You are within your rights to film the police, they have body cameras, so you can do the same. Especially if they are visiting you unannounced and you have done absolutely nothing wrong or are being framed or sabotaged, if the police have a genuine complaint against you it may be wise to comply and not resist instead. If they decided to take you to a station or arrest you, they will take your device off of you at this stage.


Magnets – Larger magnets strapped to body parts, being careful as some are very strong.

Lead apron – Used in X-rays.

RF blankets – Wrapped in cotton so they do not touch your body.

RF Hats – To wear any time.

Water around head – At night bottles or water, water packs and alike.

DIY Faraday cage – Costly but can be made at home.

Balance bracelets – one or many.

Q Wave – Some have seen results from these.

White noise – Rainfall and alike.

Attackers can hack into devices to attack you with them. Try what you like the sound of and can afford, if it starts making thigs worse stop, try combinations and keep notes to go back over.

Taking supplements, trying to maintain a healthy diet, avoiding foods and beverages with many chemicals, keeping hydrated, exercise and trying to keep a good sleep hygiene routine is advised.

Grounding / Controlled breathing / Distraction techniques / Mindfulness / Meditation /

Some victims have success with various methods, devices, and combinations, some do not, at times variations work then stop working after a time. We do not advise that victims spend their funds on any things, it is trial and error.