Quantum resonance & Thermal Imaging scans

We have conducted RF scans in a Faraday cage, at the same location, since 2017.  This type of forensic method has now come to a close.

We now have a partnership with a Belgian based doctor’s association. They are beginning by doing quantum resonance scans at appointment times designated by them only.

The scanning machine is known as a Quantum resonance magnetic analyser. It takes readings from a person’s entire body & is used as diagnostic tool. It helps in pointing to areas in your health which can be improved. They are widely accepted & we intend to do as many of these scans with the doctor’s so that a common thread is found amongst victims.

We try to ensure all attendees stay at the same hotels & put each person in touch to help with travel arrangements.

Registration forms will be provided for those who wish to be part of this new scanning method. A  non-disclosure agreement must be signed at the time by each person.  Members and victims will be updated as we make progress.

As well as these scans, we are also working with Amy Holem of “Aimee’s Audios”.

She is conducting thermal imaging scans & quantum resonance scans around the United States. She can also travel to other places & those wanting this would need to pay her travel costs.

Anyone attending Icator events must fund their own travel. We can help by suggesting Hotels & public transport links & details. We would require details about your travel in advance. Such as who is coming, how you are travelling, if anyone is coming with you & the dates you will be staying from & to.

Contact either Icator, or Melanie Vritscahn or Ali directly- about Quantum resonance medical scans – / info@icator.be / melanie.vritschan.icator@gmail.com / aliuk@icator.be

Feel free to contact Amy for further details about thermal scans :



Thank you and best wishes from all of us at ICATOR.