Radio Frequency Scannings

As we have conducted RF scans in a Faraday cage at the same location since 2017 – This type of forensic method has been exhausted.

New methods of forensic measurements are being put in place & we are already in talks with other locations.

The prospect of using a Faraday cage may be considered at a later date if this is considered appropriate by our lawyers & technical advisors.

Once we are setup with the new measurements & locations the same arrangements would be made. Such as aiding in arranging for people to travel together & stay in the same hotels & alike.

There will be registration forms drawn up & provided for those wanting scans. And an NDA – non disclosure agreement.

We will keep members & victims updated as we make progress.

In the meantime Amy Holem of “Aimees Audios” is conducting thermal imaging scans whilst visiting the UK & Belgium this year 2022. She also travels around the USA doing these scans.

Feel free to contact her for details –

Thank you for your understanding.