Targeted Individuals are revealing the truth about the contemporary world, and they all say this: we used to have a world of great beauty and diversity, and we are now reaching a limit.

But that limit will condemn us ALL.

The story rotates around the author, and is an account of the people who are Gang Stalking her.
It’s a shocking modern day truth, and everyone needs to be made aware of this lunacy. Prepare to be shocked at the depravity and lowness of your fellow mankind.
The dark ages are here again, the inquisition, a new more disgusting electronic terrorism version. Have we, as a race, civilized for 7,000 years, learned nothing, this book is a lesson to be learned! The Neighbor would make a great horror movie; it’s a real life horror story!

For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior. Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century. Guinea Pigs takes readers on a journey into the darkest corners of U.S. non-consensual experimentation and the various technologies of control that have led to our current surveillance state.

This self-help book is useful for people who have been brought into a secret government program often described as MKUltra or Monarch mind control programming. The programs have hundreds of purposes and has continued under many budgets and secret project names in the pursuit of the ultimate war weapon and political control.

How Soviet scientists and pseudoscientists pursued telepathic research, cybernetic simulations, and mass hyptonism over television to control the minds of citizens. In October 1989, as the Cold War was ending and the Berlin Wall about to crumble, television viewers in the Soviet Union tuned in to the first of a series of unusual broadcasts. Moscow’s Channel One was attempting mass hypnosis over television, a therapeutic session aimed at reassuring citizens panicked over the ongoing political upheaval-and aimed at taking control of their responses to it. Incredibly enough, this last-ditch effort to rally the citizenry was the culmination of decades of official telepathic research, cybernetic simulations, and coded messages undertaken to reinforce ideological conformity.

Being monitored by your own state at every step is a nightmare vision for many people. Ever since Edward Snowden’s revelations, we have known that this has long been a reality. The NSA has secretly become the world’s top surveillance agency, soon they will intercept, analyze and store all human communications. This is also made possible by the spy in the trouser pocket. Smartphones are constantly communicating with government eavesdroppers without us wanting or noticing. Stefan Aust and Thomas Ammann shed light on the political background and how technology evoloved from military think tanks into a global instrument of power.

You won’t be able to stop reading once you pick up Dr. John Hall’s terrifying account, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall’s narration is based on true-life events and what you’ll find will open your eyes to a completely new form of terrorism. Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients who have complained about voices in their heads, eventually being driven to a form of serious psychosis. In his book, he describes his relationship with his significant other, Mallory, a young, attractive woman with a bright future. Upon beginning a new profession, Mallory was suddenly struck down by unexplainable happenings: mind control, surveillance, stalking, and rape. Hall and others sacrificed themselves and their careers to bring her nightmare to an end. What happened to Mallory and what is happening to countless others? Hall’s supposition is that we are faced with a type of terrorism that is unseen but just as deadly. Our government satellite surveillance systems are a new way for criminals to gain possession not only of our financial lives, but our most precious resource: Our minds. What can we do and who are these individuals who are trying to control the way the think, feel, act and what we do?

A former microwave warfare specialist in the Canadian Armed Forces, Captain Flynn is well known for showing up the ”corruption” at Health Canada that allows electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to continually cause illness and premature death. Outraged by this scandal, he recently self-published this unique book which is a printout of a huge Powerpoint presentation (more than 600 slides) he previously sent me. Flynn is well known for the many well-documented and passionate letters he has written to warn politicians and officials about EMF hazards.

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