Board Members

Melanie Vritschan (President of ICATOR)

Contact: melanie.vritschan [at]

Melanie is German and lives in Brussels. During two decades, she has gained valuable experience in public relations and events management of international associations. Her former positions involved close cooperation with the European Institutions and organization of numerous international conferences and trade shows. Melanie has a proven track record in working with high-level authorities such as the European Commission and the European Parliament, the organization of network meetings, needs assessment and implementation for particular “client groups” as well as successfully carrying out pan-European and interregional projects with the aim of promoting international cooperation.

Before committing herself fully to her current role as the President of ICATOR, she has worked as the Communications Manager of a European navigation satellite system developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Prior to this, she was the Public Relations and Events Officer at a European Foundation committed to the improvement of rights and situations of youth at risk. The organization is acting as a lobbying and advocacy platform towards the European Union.

For most of her life, she was a passionate marathon runner. Melanie has been the team leader of various group marathons she organized for awareness- and fund-raising benefiting children charities or homeless persons’ refuge projects.

To her great regret, such activity is now infeasible due to the physiological damage and debility suffered as a consequence of being a victim of electronic terrorism.


Akademie für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung, Lippstadt (D)(Academy for Economics and Administration)

Incorporating one year at the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie, Paris (F)

University of Westminster / Polytechnic School of Central London, (UK)

Diploma of “International Management” (Including English, French and Spanish)

Derrick Robinson (Vice-President of ICATOR)

Contact: derrick.robinson [at]

Galina Kurdina

Contact: galina.kurdina [at]

Galina  Kurdina was born in Russia, graduated from a university and worked as a leading software developer in many companies there, including Saving Bank. She worked as an Information Technology consultant for other firms in parallel with her full-time jobs. She had more than 15 years of experience in full software life cycle development: from business analysis to testing and maintenance of application suites. She emigrated from Russia to Canada in February 2004. She arrived in Canada as an independent immigrant in good health. Since her arrival at Canada, she had been involved in a cruel experiment with psyche, especially from the beginning of January, 2006. She became a victim of Psychotronic (mind control) weapons and was officially recognized as disabled person in 2008. Level of constant mind control effects upon her is extreme; it may be called total mind and body control. It is not a clinical trial, she did not sign any consent forms and wants to be excluded from this illegal experimentation.

Galina managed to find an American toxicologist, who provided her with an expert opinion that she is a victim of specific electromagnetic and radio frequency effects, which react with advanced nano materials in her system. These nano materials are used as RFID meu chips to send signals to her body. Galina managed to find several American psychologists, who prepared reports for her that she is sane person without any signs of psychiatric disease, who developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of Directed Energy (Psychotronic) attacks. Galina managed to find a private investigator, who confirmed that she is a victim of mind control attacks.

Galina contacted the Ministry of Health in Ottawa, the United Nations Office in Ottawa, went to the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Department, met many Canadian politicians in person. She filed numerous lawsuits against perpetrators, police and RCMP with Toronto courts.

Galina runs Organization of victims of Psychotronic (mind control) weapons, a group of people, who go public and speak openly about these crimes. The Organization collected more than 4000 signatures for two Petitions against misuse of Psychotronic Weapons. The Petitions were presented (tabled) in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada in 2011 and 2018. She wrote numerous letters to the Canadian Government, its associates, Canadian newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and all over the world. Galina and her comrades regularly protest against misuse of Psychotronic technologies on people without their consent.

Jacqueline Menanteau (Sarah Eléonore)

Contact: jacqueline.menanteau [at]

Depuis mon plus jeune âge, je lutte contre le fascisme. Radio Tomate où je tenais une émission qui s’appelait TERTULIA était un espace de liberté, de création. J’aimais beaucoup y faire entendre nos voix. On nous a enlevé cette liberté-là et des mercenaires sont venus un jour nous interdire de nous exprimer et ont fermé les radios libres.

J’écrivais déjà beaucoup dans les années 1980, et malheureusement j’ai été ciblée dès cette époque-là, et j’ai subi du stalking non stop : cambriolages, intrusions dans mes domiciles, vols, et des atteintes bien pires encore à mon intégrité physique et morale.

Ma lutte contre le fascisme est j’allais dire légendaire et elle s’exprime désormais ici dans cette association ICATOR. Quand j’ai rencontré Mélanie Vritschan pour la première fois en 2016 elle m’a regardée dans ce café de Bruxelles et elle m’a juste dit : «Pas mal.» On a eu de suite une excellente relation et j’admire énormément cette femme. Nous avons passé des nuits entières à améliorer les statuts de l’association qui sont les meilleurs du monde, je pense. Ces statuts englobent aussi le monde animal.

La lutte que nous menons ensemble est essentielle et est au cœur des enjeux contemporains , dont ceux de l’écologie. Quel crime en effet est plus crapuleux que celui de voler des pensées et de coloniser la tête de son prochain par la voice to skull ? Nos corps sont le lieu d’expérimentations.

Ces criminels sont payés pour torturer et nous savons tous dans le monde entier, nous disons tous la même chose : les pires psychopathes ont trouvé dans ces groupes un moyen d’assouvir leurs penchants sadiques.

Le gang stalking est un CRIME CONTRE L’HUMANITÉ et nous attendons avec impatience que ces criminels paraissent en public et qu’ils soient condamnés par les plus hautes cours.


From an early age I have been fighting fascism. Radio Tomate, where I held a program called TERTULIA, was a space of freedom, of creation. I really enjoyed making our voices heard there. This freedom was taken from us and mercenaries one day came to forbid us to speak and closed free radio stations. I was already writing a lot in the 1980s, and unfortunately I was targeted at that time, and I suffered non-stop stalking: burglaries, intrusions into my homes, thefts, and even worse attacks on my home. physical and moral integrity. My fight against fascism is I would say legendary and it is now expressed here in this ICATOR association. When I first met Mélanie Vritschan in 2016 she looked at me in this cafe in Brussels and she just said, “Not bad.” We had a great relationship straight away and I admire this woman very much. We spent whole nights improving the statutes of the association which are the best in the world, I think. These statutes also include the animal world. The struggle we are waging together is essential and is at the heart of contemporary issues, including those of ecology. What crime in fact is more villainous than that of stealing thoughts and colonizing the head of one’s neighbor by the voice to skull? Our bodies are the place of experimentation. These criminals are paid to torture and we all know around the world, we all say the same thing: The worst psychopaths have found in these groups a way to satisfy their sadistic inclinations.

Gang stalking is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and we eagerly await these criminals to appear in public and be condemned by the highest courts.

Mary Lamont

Contact: mary.lamont [at]

Harald Brems

Contact: harald.brems [at]

Phone: +49 151 10472109

Harald Brems is committed to peace, freedom and justice in various projects. He lives in Berlin and works as an amateur journalist. In addition to his activities at ICATOR, he advocates for victims of radiation torture and organized stalking. In Germany, he is involved in the “Initiative against Electromagnetic Torture (IGEF)”.

Porto-Rico Quam

Contact: quam.portorico [at]