Icator & Lawyers Association Conferences

Icator & our legal representatives -Droits Libertes – “Rights & freedoms” – are holding regular events together. These will be in person conferences at a rented location in Brussels, online for those who cannot travel, as well as Zoom Q&A sessions for Icator members to ask our lawyers questions about out lawsuit & partnership.

The in person conferences are held via Droits Libertes who’s own association’s followers are invited to, this aids in raising awareness in the legal & professional communities they are a part of in Europe.

Icator – Global Scientific guild forensic event

On March 20th 2024 Icator president Melanie Vritschan and our UK board member were invited to speak at a forensic science relate event.

This event was organised and coordinated by the Global Scientific guild.

Icator’s technical advisor Amy Holem also was a guest speaker, discussing her audio forensics techniques. This is a huge leap forward for Amy in particular in having her work widely accepted and prepared for peer review, so it can then be used in the Icator lawsuit.

Amy Holem spoke first then Icator. At the end of Icator’s presentation, the other scientists present asked us some questions which Melanie, Ali and Amy were able to answer. With the other guest speakers being from a forensic background, they had no issues in understanding our presentation and technologies used to commit such crimes. They were each aware already of Havana Syndrome.

Some other guest speakers shared concerns for our safety and have been in touch since the event with us for other reasons.

With the event being a success both Icator and Amy Holem have been invited back to speak at the next event in Jul 2024.


Icator & Droits Libertes – Lawyers & Targeted Justice – Zoom Q&A meeting – 24.3.23

On the 24th of March 2023 another zoom Q&A meeting was held.

Icator president Melanie Vritschan, Ana Toledo – Lawyer for Targeted Justice & Paulo Criscenzo – Lawyer to Icator – were guest speakers.

The two lawsuits that T.Justice & Icator are underway with were discussed.

Members were able to ask some questions towards the end.


Icator & Targeted Justice conference 2023

On the 18th of February 2023 Icator & Targeted Justice held a conference via Icator’s lawyers association – Droits Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms”.

The event went very well. Legal proceeding & targeting in general were discussed.

Ana Toledo, Melanie Vritschan & Paulo Criscenzo each spoke. The event was attended by other victims & followers of Droits LIbertes who were asking many questions regarding their work & the situation.

Targeted Justice collaborating in this way is excellent news for victims worldwide !!!

Thank you to Harold Brems for recording the event.


Icator president Melanie Vritschan & Ana Toledo interview

Icator president & Ana Toledo – lawyer to Targeted Justice – have done a short interview ahead of a conference with Icator’s lawyers – Droits Libertes – “Rights & Freedoms”.

Ana Toledo is the lawyer & board members for targeted Justice, who have launched recently their own legal case for victims in America.



Icator legal conference with Amy Holem, Melanie Vritschan, Luc Vervliet & our lawyer Paulo Criscenzo

On December 3rd, we held a conference. This was mainly for our technical advisor Amy Holem of – Aimees Audios – To share details about her work in order to have it accepted into the court systems.

We cannot share Amy’s section due to legal reasons. Below are videos of Icator president Melanie Vritschan, an ex Icator board member Luc Vervliet & our lawyer.

The event was a huge success ! There were many people in attendance. Including medical professionals, lawyers & engineers.

Thanks to members donations we were able to make this important event take place – We thank you all greatly.



Icator president Melanie Vritschan also gave a speech at the event which is listed below –

“Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning and welcome to the conference of the International Coalition against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings organized jointly with DROITS & LIBERTéS.

My name is Melanie Vritschan. I am the president and founder of the ICATOR association. Our association, which I formed in 2016 with other people, some of whom are here this evening, such as Mr. Luc Vervliet, one of our experts who will speak in a few minutes, pursues as its goal:

– to recognize the cause of living beings, victims of illegal experiments using electromagnetic waves and neurological weapons

 We have been recognized at the UN as official correspondents since February 28, 2020.  The concerns of our association are reflected in the Report of the Special Rapporteur (A/HRC/43/49) “Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.  (Point E. Cybertorture, page 20).

The context for the creation of this non-profit association is as follows: an alarming rate of citizens around the world complain of subcutaneous electronic experiments without their consent, whether in the context of medical research, scientific experiments, to obtain information, or simply for criminal purposes. The number of people complaining about it is increasing exponentially in all countries and the physical and psychological symptoms they express are the same everywhere.

Radiofrequency-controlled electronic miniature implants in humans are not a new phenomenon, as it has been well documented since the early 1960s. The abuse of this type of technology without consent is a serious violation of the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code, and the fundamental human rights of the European Union and the UN and, moreover, the constitutions of most Western countries. In the United States, several cases of these non-consensual implants have been documented, as in the cases of David Larson and inventors Bob Boyce and James Walbert.

As far as I am concerned, after having co-founded, in 2011, the International Center Against Covert Technologies with some doctors and engineers based in the United States and, in 2013, the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment registered by the German lawyer Henning Witte in Stockholm, I was then approached by several victims living in Brussels who wanted me to create an association in Belgium for the defense of victims and to assume the responsibility of it.  presidency.

Thus, ICATOR was created on April 1, 2016, by six full members, five residents in Belgium and one in France.

Our association promotes the total prohibition and abolition of the use of technologies or weapons using invisible and/or imperceptible methods WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PERSONS CONCERNED.

Our goals:

We demand that the practices of gang stalking or organised stalking, which often precede and then often go hand in hand with torture and/or manipulation by directed energy weapons, be condemned.

Over the past decade, I have spoken to thousands of victims around the world who have complained of exposure and experimentation with electromagnetic weapons; This includes, but is not limited to, mood alterations, heart palpitations, involuntary body movements, headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, skin burns, loss of balance, non-consensual microchipping by medical, nano- and neurotechnology implants, neurocognitive disturbances, such as short-term memory loss and brain damage.

All these disorders are now grouped under the term “Havana syndrome”, after American and Canadian diplomats, military and intelligence agents were attacked by pulsed and directed microwave energy in different countries of the world, starting with Havana.

In order to provide our members with scientific evidence of their implantation that allows them to be manipulated remotely, we also organize radio frequency scanning sessions with specific equipment, to detect RFID chips, nanomaterials, biomedical parts or technology of this type, introduced into their bodies without their consent.

These scanning sessions are usually organized in a protected environment, i.e. in a certified Faraday cage of a research institute or by private investigators with whom we collaborate.  

As additional documentation on these microwave weapons and non-consensual experimentation, I refer you to an article by Canadian psychiatrist, Professor Amin A. Muhammad Gadit. (Discipline of Psychiatry, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL A1B 3V6 Canada).

His article entitled “Terrorism and Mental Health: The Issue of Psychological Fragility” will be published in October 2009 in the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association.  (See link: http://www.jpma.org.pk/full_article_text.php?article_id=1837)

Professor Gadit talks about reports of a new and formidable intervention of weapons of violence called “bio-electromagnetic weapons”.  He writes: “According to the description by the Institute of Science and Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without physical externalization.”

Further, he adds that “voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most amazing manifestations of this weapon system, they are also capable of paralyzing the human subject by limiting his normal range of motion, causing acute pain, the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interfere with the normal functions of the human senses.

These weapons can cause difficulty breathing and induce strokes in addition to tissue and organ damage. »

Our association is not the only one fighting for the recognition of this cause, but ICATOR understands itself as the organization that brings together several other national associations:

Among them, the main ones are:

  • VIACTEC – Victims of Electronic Harassment mind control in Spain
  • Initiative against electromagnetic torture en allemagne
  • The non-profit association “Schutzschild” also in Germany
  • People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International (PACTS) aux états-Unis
  • Targeted Justice in the United States
  • STOPZET stop organized electronic torture en pologne
  • Moscow Housing Ecology Committee en Russia
  • Covert Energy Torture in India
  • Technological Crime Victims Network au Japan

And many more.

The contact details of these associations can be found on the ICATOR website (icator.be) in the “International Groups” section.

That, in a nutshell, is what our association does.

I now give the floor to the experts:

1 Luc Vervliet: Engineer (chemistry as well as electromechanics) 2.  Amy Holem: former soldier, private investigator who will tell us about a new forensic method she has developed to prove the commission of these acts of torture and find their perpetrators.  

We look forward to fruitful discussions and exchanges.

Have a great conference!

Thank you for your attention.”

Mr Barrie Trower ex MI5 & Amy Holem legal talk

Mr Barrie Trower is to be our technical & legal advisor for the Icator international class action lawsuit. We met in person on the 2nd of November 2022 at Mr Trower’s home.

This meeting was atteneded by Icator president Melanie Vritschan, Alison Smith UK rep & Amy Holem, Icator’s head technical advisor.

It went very well, Barrie Trower agreed about Amy Holem’s vital work & evidence collecting.

Our head lawyer wants to meet with Barrie Trower in person as soon as possible.

The link to this meeting is below –


Icator & Lawyers association conference with guest technical advisor Civil Engineer 17.6.22

We held another zoom conference for Icator members & victims to attend on the 17th June 2022. Melanie Vrtitschan & our head lawyer discussed the lawsuit & pre trial stages we are currently working towards.

There was a civil engineer as guest speaker who will be one of our technical advisors. The engineer has suggested a number of devices which victims could use in their homes which would aid in proving abnormal EMF disturbances. We aim to arrange for the engineer to attend some victims properties in Belgium as a professional to take readings which could then be used for legal proceedings.


Lawyers Q&A Zoom meeting

On May 10th 2022 Icator & our lawyers association held a zoom meeting.

The purpose was so Icator members & victims from around the world can meet our head lawyer, hear how the lawsuit will be put foraward & for them to ask any questions they may have.

The most frequently asked questions were sent to our lawyers beforehand & answered during the meeting & some updates regarding the next few stages of the lawsuit were also discussed.

We feel it was a huge success & we will hold these zoom meetings on a regular basis.

Please see the video link below. The first 18 minutes there were some technical difficulties.

The video is in French but is translated along the way into English. To add subtitles to the video click on the settings icon within youtube & select the language of your choice


Icator & Lawyers conference 20th March 2022

On Sunday March 20th 2022 we held a Conference via our lawyers Association.

Droits & Libertes – Rights & Freedoms.

The Conference was to raise awareness of our cause.

Our Lawsuit is International & is now being put forward as a Public Interest case.

The Conference started with a speech given by Melanie Vritschan president of Icator. Victims from around the world sharing their experiences. Technical Advisors speaking about their work & Weapons Systems & lastly our Lawyers with regards to how the lawsuit will be put forward.

The Guest speakers Testimonials, Presentations & Icator speech are listed below for all to view.

The Conference was a success & was received very well by victims & members of the public.

There may be further in the future. TBA.

Link to Droits & Libertes Lawyers Association Website –



Icator Speech – English & French –



Icator U.N Publication on Privacy & Children

Daniel Depris – Psychotronic Weapons Expert Technical Advisor Information –

Depris has worked as Technical Advisor in legal cases regarding 5G & Wifi. He is a renowned international expert & speaker representing many countries & organisations.

Daniel DEPRIS, photo C. BELLAVIA Editing for Science et VieDaniel DEPRIS was born in 1947 in Jumet (Hainaut – Belgium) and he was one of the very first European pioneers in the fight against physical environmental pollution. He began his professional career in the arms industry, notably as a metrologist (specialist in high-precision measurements).

During his military service (1965-1966) in a missile unit of the Belgian Air Force, he learned about the issue of the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation as well as radiation protection techniques.

Returning to civilian life, he will continue to study the specific effects that non-ionizing radiation, infra sound and ultrasound can cause in the field of health and safety.

In 1976, he founded the Union Francophone des Amateurs de Radiophonie Expérimentale (UFAREX), which began to gather theoretical and experimental data. This small structure became the Association for the Rational Use of Radio-Electric Waves (AURORE) from October 1980. In 1981, the AURORE published a first general report entitled “These waves that will make us die one day…” , which will encourage the Belgian political authorities to have the bill proposed by D. DEPRIS studied the same year. He will thus be authorized to put forward his point of view before the Superior Council of Public Hygiene (CSHP sub-committee on non-ionizing radiation chaired by Pr Lafontaine) in 1983-84. The framework law directly inspired by the AURORE bill was finally adopted by Belgian parliamentarians on July 12, 1985.

In 1986, AURORE merged into the structure of the European Committee for the Protection of Habitat, the Environment and Health (CEPHES) of which Daniel DEPRIS became the president. He simultaneously directs the work of the AURORE section, which remains specialized in the problem of radio and optical radiation. Daniel DEPRIS also acted as private adviser to the vice-president of the Chamber of Representatives of the Belgian Parliament, the Charleroi MP André BAUDSON.

In his capacity as a consultant and approved expert, the European President of CEPHES has intervened in a very large number of cases relating to the pollution caused
by electrical works (transmission and distribution lines, transformer stations, power stations, etc.) by sources of electromagnetic radiation (radio-TV transmitters, hertzian beams, radars, industrial, medical and domestic equipment, military installations, etc.)
as well as by infra sound or ultrasound generators.

Between 1980 and 2000, the presidency of CEPHES thus intervened in more than 400 different cases, without counting interventions relating to other types of pollution and damage to health (chemical pollution, GMOs, BSE, etc.) and files relating to aviation safety (accidents attributable to disruption of radio means by electromagnetic interference).

The daily and periodical press devoted more than 250 articles to the activities of AURORE and CEPHES and especially to the interventions of its president.
In its October 2001 issue, the French journal “SCIENCE et VIE” published a dossier on electromagnetic and directed energy weapons which was largely inspired by the latest work by Daniel DEPRIS (Les Ondes de la mort). The same goes for the article which was published in Belgium by the “Soir Magazine” on August 8, 2001 (“The war of the future has already begun” by F. Loore).

Daniel DEPRIS currently remains one of the very few authentically independent experts who is able to intervene effectively against the powerful lobbies of electricity, electronics and telecommunications. He is also the only independent expert who can demonstrate more than 30 years of experience in the field of physical environmental pollution.


If the above link does not work please type into Google – “Daniel Depris” and choose the link with the same name.

Daniel Depris Book – Big Brother is among us: Electronic and computer surveillance, terrorism, war, Big Data

Amy Holem of Aimees AudiosSubliminal Acoustic Fingerprinting Technical Advisor Presentation

Amy Holem is a Digital & Audio Forensics expert & can obtain evidence of Attackers Communications within Audio & Video files & along with this a world of information regarding what Technology is being used, names, locations & much more.


Richard Lighthouse of Targeted Justice – Targetedjustice.com – Technical Advisor Presentation –


Anna Victim Testimonial


Peter Mooring Victim Testimonial –


Karen Stewart Ex-NSA Whistleblower Testimonials – English French & Full




Karen Stewart Ex NSA Whistleblower – Fusion Center Comlicity & Congressional Caucus – DEW letter



Cesar Victim Testimonial English & French



Luc Vervliet Technical Advisor Presentation – Power Point



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