Auditory Targets Study

AUDITORY TARGETS: A STUDY OF SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, OR V2K, An Aspect of Electronic Targeting (October, 2018) Executive Summary Too little is known about the voices that many people claim that they receive. Those voices are transmitted by remote methods, and only the people to whom they are aimed hear them. The persons receiving the voices Read More

Data Protection

Datenschutzerklärung Wer wir sind Die Adresse unserer Website ist: Welche personenbezogenen Daten wir sammeln und warum wir sie sammeln Kommentare Wenn Besucher Kommentare auf der Website schreiben, sammeln wir die Daten, die im Kommentar-Formular angezeigt werden, außerdem die IP-Adresse des Besuchers und den User-Agent-String (damit wird der Browser identifiziert), um die Erkennung von Spam Read More

Who we are

We are an international human rights organization who want to publicize the inhumane and involuntary experiments with energy weapons on innocent citizens. In many countries, people are being persecuted and tortured with modern high-tech weapons. The so-called Directed Energy Weapons work with electromagnetic radiation and penetrate through house walls and other solid objects. Electromagnetic radiation Read More