Radio shows

Icator hold regular radio show events via other human rights groups & victims organisations.

Some are held via PACTSntl which is run by our vice president Mr Derrick Robinson.

Also via Frank Allen of Targeted massachusetts a human rights group based in Bostom USA.

We often do shows with other groups.

See our news page for announcements for upcoming shows.

Melanie Vritschan on the Frank Allen Targeted Massachusetts radio show – 28.10.22

Amy Holem on the Ron Edawrds show

Targeted Massachusetts Frank Allen radio show – featuring Senatorial Candidate Brenda K. Sanders

Amy Holem & Military SGT Cherice Moore on the Frank Allen show

Amy Holem on The Stew Peters show

Barrie Trower interview 2022

Amy Holem of Aimees Audios on The Sons of Liberty radio show with Tim Brown

Icator & Amy Holem on the Frank Allen radio show