Demonstrations & TI day’s

Every year, on August 29th, Victims & organisation all over world hold Targeted Individual awareness days. These international events have been held since 2018. They involve public speaking, handing out flyers, posters & influential guest speakers. They are normally held at important locations such political or intelligence agency buildings. Or in major cities where there are many people to see & hear. Organisations from many countries hold them, such as Icator, Pacts.ntl, Targeted Justice, Initiative against Electromagnetic Torture, Covert Energy Torture & many more.

See our International groups page for a list of all the major organisations around the world we have each united with.

Havana Syndrome demonstration Brussels 10.6.23

The demonstration went very well !

Over 70 people attended from around the world. Guest speakers from various TI groups spoke, as well as a pre recorded speech via Icator’s lawyer – Mr Paulo Criscenzo.

We would like to thank the organisers & attendee’s for all their hard work.

The Icator members meeting on the 12th was a success also. Some members had some medical scans done & all were able to meet with the Drs Icator are now working with.

See video links to speeches & photo’s below.

Japan TI day Aug 29th 2022 – Toshiko Namiki Icator rep

Toshiko Namiki the Japanese Icator rep held her annual TI day August 29th. Many attending & some guest speakers spoke. Posters & flyers were handed out.

THE DETROIT, MICHIGAN RALLY 5th – 7th August 2022

The rally this past weekend in Detroit was a fantastic event with speakers, a webinar, catered meals, fun, and fellowship.  Thanks to Nancy Dunigan and Al Showers for the pictures.  And there are even video links which were shared courtesy of Lauren Burch’s Facebook page.  

The webinar below the pictures was presented courtesy of Targeted Massachusetts.

Link to Rally radio show held by Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts & featuring –

Former Judge Brenda K. Sanders and a panel of community experts, including:  

Karen Stewart, David Ruble 

Liliana DeLucca-Connor and Enrique Hernandez. 

Events hosts were:  Cherice Moore and Amy Holem

Rally video links –

TI Day Japan, Tokyo, 29th August 2021

This awareness day was organised by Icator Japanese rep Toshiko Namiki with the help of many other victims. As they announced the event beforehand the media decided to attend & interview them. The main goal behind this event was raising awareness & demanding the Japanese government investigate the crimes.

International TI Day August 29th 2020

In 2020 these events were held all over the United States, Europe, UK, Japan & India

T.I Day Aug 29th 2019 video

Brussels Multicultural Demonstration Against non-consensual micro-chipping

Organised by Icator 2013.