Electronic Torture

For some years, more and more cases are known in which people are terrorized by so-called Electronic Harassment. The term comes from the English language and means translated electronic harassment. But the term is misleading. The multiple attacks on people are much more about targeted terror and torture against citizens.

State-of-the-art technical devices are used which are hardly known to the public so far. With electromagnetic weapons, people are shot at in their homes and flats without any detectable traces. Electromagnetic weapons work with waves from the electromagnetic spectrum. These include microwaves, but also ultrasound, infrared or laser. The waves penetrate easily through house walls and concrete walls. Earth mounds and massive material are no obstacle for them. They are noiseless, odorless and invisible to the human eye. Depending on the frequency, waveform and pulse rate of the radiated waves, very different effects on the human body can occur. The tissue resonates to the waves. This means that crucial functions of the body can be manipulated and disturbed when a person is given the appropriate frequency. While it is still claimed by the mobile industry that there is no athermal effect of (high-frequency) electromagnetic radiation, many studies show the opposite: by electromagnetic radiation can be massively influenced on the human body.

Possible effects include:

Vibration on the body or in the body
blurred vision
Disturbance of short-term memory (forgetfulness)
Sleep disorders (sleep deprivation)
Disruption or manipulation of the libido
Posting with language information

Where does the radiation come from?

Electromagnetic weapons have been built by international arms companies for many years. Some of the weapons are aimed at disrupting or destroying electrical infrastructure, while others have been designed to manipulate people. The weapons arsenals of the weapon manufacturers offer all sorts of electronic toys for different purposes. It is interesting that this development was barely mentioned by the media. Reports of electromagnetic weapons are rarely to be found in the established press, and if it is reported, then of outdated technology such as the ADS (Active Denial System) of the company Raytheon. Thus, the reader is suggested that there is only a very primitive form of anti-personnel weapons that works with electromagnetic energy. In reality, the opportunities offered by the use of electromagnetic weapons are virtually limitless. Synthetically generated electromagnetic waves can also be used to manipulate thoughts and feelings.

All these effects have a cause. They are triggered by targeted emission of invisible but highly effective radiation. The arms industry and intelligence agencies have worked on various ways to use such weapons in secret. Rheinmetall offers, for example, a weapon type that can be hidden in car doors. As a result, a mobile use of the weapon is possible. Weapons can also be hidden in the electrical structure of residential buildings. It is also convenient to use the house of the neighbor. The British microwave researcher Barrie Trower claims that any transmitter for microwaves can also be used as a microwave weapon. (Any microwave mobile phone transmitter – any microcell (picocell) in shops can be carried or it is totally off) by which he means mobile radio antennas , Microcells, WiFi, interphones and cell phones. It is therefore possible to deliberately approach and influence people at almost all points of daily life. Through the widespread use of mobile communications (and satellites), there is no place on earth where a person would be safe from the secret influence. The planet earth has been secretly and under our eyes turned into a huge open-air prison.

Further measures:

In addition to being tortured by electromagnetic radiation, many sufferers are terrorized through targeted stalking and other measures. These include burglaries, sabotage, Comuterhacking, character assassination, etc. All these measures are intended to intimidate those affected, isolate, and slowly drive to insanity. Stalking destroys the credibility of those affected. If the citizens tortured by radiation report pain and other effects and present appropriate reading, many would certainly be inclined to believe them. But through the targeted adjustment (stalking) arises outwardly the disease of paranoid psychosis. At the latest when those affected by persistent pursuers speak their credibility is destroyed. Why would someone make such a big effort just to bully an “unimportant” person? All these measures create a certain overall picture of the listener, which is deliberately wanted by the perpetrators.

Many victims of this terror have filed a complaint with the police and prosecutors. Not a single case in Germany has been taken seriously by the authorities. In all cases an attempt was made to label those affected as mentally ill spinners. The same pattern applies in all other countries as well. Many sufferers from other European countries, from the USA, Canada and Australia report the same experiences. This shows that there is a superior concept. Also, in all cases mental illness is repeatedly brought forward by the authorities (although there is clear evidence), showing that there is an overriding rule on how to deal with such allegations. It is no coincidence that not a single police officer and not a single prosecutor wanted to pursue the allegations of those affected.

Neighbors as willing helpers:

Although the mission can be organized differently, the perpetrators try again and again to rent rooms in the immediate vicinity of those affected. As few neighbors are involved as possible (one does not want to talk unnecessarily). The recruited neighbors are told that their neighbors are dangerous people and that they have to be monitored accordingly. When an employee of an intelligence agency or other authority presents himself and asks for assistance in solving a major criminal case when appropriate compensation is offered, quite a few respectable citizens are willing to provide their home for their perpetrators. A few hundred euros a month are certainly an incentive for many to store a small electrical device in the attic, and to give the perpetrators access to their own home from time to time. The perpetrators can thus operate the continuous monitoring (and torture) of the target persons, and also respond quickly to spontaneous events.