There are different ways for the ICATOR association to raise the funds necessary to operate properly and promptly to assist victims who experience electronic harassment.
The first means are membership dues. A second mean are the donations from people who sympathize (GoFundMe as indicated on this site) …
But there exist also a third way to help us financially. That way consist in monetizing a portion of your savings in another way. You certainly have noticed that the interest rate you receive today at the bank is at its lowest and that ultimately it does not protect you from economic tribulations and bank instability. The third way we are talking about is crypto currency, but not just any.
Many of you have probably heard of Bitcoin. It is true that this currency has brought joy to some, but this money knows many loopholes and thereby become less popular.
Ms Ruja Ignatova, a renowned Bulgarian, launched on September 17, 2014 the Onecoin. What is so extraordinary about this currency?
First thing you should know is that Mrs. Ignatova has a PhD in Law, a Masters in Finance and Economics, all accompanied by different specializations obtained at the universities as Oxford, Harvard and Konstanz. This lady has a career in the finance, including Deutsche Bank, and has worked as a partner at McKinsey & Co., an international strategic consultancy office for large companies, with some 7,500 employees over 50 countries worldwide. Her personal clients were among others Sberbank, Unicredit, Raiffeisen Bank, Allianz, etc. She also advised companies that have launched other crypto-currencies. Finally, she evaluated the strengths and drawbacks of these crypto-currencies and created herself a new one offering all the benefits of a crypto-currency and eliminating all its drawbacks.
The Onecoin is a centralized electronic currency which operates with a computer algorithm that recognize each coin it issues and to who it belongs: in a way it is impossible to steal your onecoins. Moreover, Dr. Ruja Ignatova focusses on the idea to launch a crypto currency that will be used all over the world. With these 120 billion onecoins, it will be the most widespread currency. In the month of June 2016, Onelife counts already over 2 million members that have onecoins.
The most democratic way to spread this currency is by publicity from person to person, which we call network marketing, a system completely legal and recognized in all countries where onecoins are presented. OneLife/Onecoin is present in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Over 60% of members who hold onecoins are of Asian origin. The big advantage of using onecoins is that there are no bank charges, nor waiting time for money transfer to other accounts, neither limits on the amounts to be transferred. The onecoin began at a value of 0,5Euro to reach in August 2016 a value of 6,95Euro and we are only at the beginning of its growth and this without the onecoin being on the public market for the moment being. Buying onecoins is very interesting. But there is more. By becoming a member of the OneLife company, you can sign up for training to understand the working of money and in addition you receive tokens for an equivalent of the price of the training you have chosen.
By following the rules, it’s easy for you to make grow your ‘investment’ and in addition to this, there is way to feed your account with commissions by doing some person to person advertising. It is possible to send commissions to your bank account for personal use awaiting the onecoin will be used on the public market which is planned for the year 2018. It is through these commissions the Icator association can then fund certain equipment and staff for the benefit of the victims. Icator has already opened an account Onecoin and anyone interested in helping us can enroll in the Icator structure. Of course, people who write in as a member in the structure Icator will receive all explanations needed to maximize their return on investment.
You can register for the following packs: Trader (550 €), Pro Trader (1,100 €), Executive Trader (3,300 €), Tycoon Trader (5,500 €), Tycoon + Trader (7,500 €), Premium Trader (13,250 €) Infinity Trader (27,500 €) and Ultimate Trader (118,000 €). For each new position an extra 30 € is required as activation fee. You have not to pay these 30 € for an upgrade. For example, to upgrade from Trader to Pro Trader you simply pay € 1,100 on this account and you got your upgrade. Each position equals an account. To open an account, one must take notice of 30 € activation fee.
Do not be intimidated by the messages that advertise Onecoin / OneLife is a fraud or that it is a ‘Ponzi’ game. It isn’t at all. These are just messages to dissuade you. At this day, none of the more than 2 million members have complained for having been deceived. Quite the contrary.
For those interested to know more about, click on the button « Interested in OneLife » in order to ask questions and get more information and for people who want to register click the button « Registration OneLife »